Fishermen society of JAFFNA

Jaffna is located on the northside of Sri Lanka.It is surrounded by sea. The coastal length of it is 182 miles.There are lot of islands in the west side of Jaffna peninsula.

There are three types of races such as TamilsSinhalese and Muslims in coastal area.Most of them are speaking Tamil and rest of them speak Sinhala. Their religions are HinduismRoman CatholicismIslamnon-Roman Catholicism and Buddhism.


  • Most of them are following Hinduism. It's being followed more than 3000 years.This is the oldest religion in Sri Lanka.So there are lot of temples.
  • There are lot of famous temples such as Nainativu Nagapooshani Amman Temple, Keerimalai Naguleswaram temple, Thondamanaru Selva Sannathi temple,Vallipuram vishunu temple,Nallur Kandaswamy temple.

roman catholicism

  • It was spreaded after Portuguese's arrival in 15th Century.
  • In Jaffna coast,many fishermen's families follow this Religion since 500 years.
  • Most of the people are christian in Gurunagar,passaiyoor,Navanthurai,Kayts and sakkottai.
  • there are some famous churches such as St. Mary's Cathedral, passaiyoor St.Antony's church,Gurunagar st.james church,Kayts St.Anthony's Church and Kachchatheevu St.Antony's shrine.


  • Only a few people are following this religion and all of the Buddhists are Sinhalese.
  • There are some famous Buddhist temples such as Nagadeepa Rajamaha Viharaya,Jaffna Naga Vihara, Kadurugoda Purana Vihara.


  • Islam was spread by Arabian merchants in jaffna.
  • the Muslims who were chased from jaffna are coming back to jaffna now after war.
  • all of the Muslims speak Tamil.


Jaffna is an immense potential for tourism an hotel industry . Three types of places such as Historical,Natural and Religious places are available.Historical places such as Vediarasan fort Delft,Hammenhein fort at Kayts and Jaffna fort.

Catty beach

Natural places such as Catty area at velanai,Casurina's Beach Karainagar,and castal areas at Manatkadu.

Jaffna Fort
Jaffna fort
mango shop,Jaffna fort

FISHERIES In jaffna district

Sunset in Point pedro,captured by L.R.Nicksharon

The Fisheries Sector is an important sector in Jaffna District and major economic activity and the source of livehood for about 21,056 families.About 6 percentage fish production was contributed to nation from Jaffna District.

fisheries resources In Jaffna........

  • Active fisherman-21,755
  • Fishing village-108
  • Landing Centers-103
  • continental self area-3,360 mile
  • Fish Bank-02
  • Fisherman Cooperative societies-117
  • Fisherman Cooperative society union-11
  • Fisherman Cooperative societies union federation-01
  • Total number of operation craft-6,862
  • ice Plant-12
  • Processing Plant-01
  • Boat Yard-09
  • jetty-12

fishing industry in northen provnce before-after war

In the Northern Province fishing was on of the major economic activities in 1970s and Northern Province contributed as much as 40% of total fish catch of the country.However,30 years civil war had an adverse impact on the the fisheries on the Northern province of Sri Lanka.Upon the conclusion of the war,the government has embarked on a very ambitions programme of developing the fisheries is identified as a major livelihood in the programme to rebuild the economy and the livelihoods of fishermen of the area.The government spent Rs 1,800 million for the development of the fisheries industry in northern province since the end of war.The Northern province fish harvest increased to 18% from 6% with allocations and investments.

fish production in jaffna district 1983 to 2014 (in mt)





1987- 1,981




1991- 1,191

1992- 1,327

1993- 1,514

1994- 3,102


1996- 1,540


1998- 2,428

1999- 3,233


2001- 2,676

2002- 5,311

2003- 22,109




2007- 2,963







dark-site of fishing

  • Indian fishermen poaching in Sri Lankan waters
  • some fishermen are using unregistered Fishing Craft.
  • some fishermen are engaged in fishing industry without getting licences for fishing operations.
  • some fishermen kill fish by using explosives such as Dynamites.
  • some fishermen use prohibited equipment .
  • some fisherman catch forbidden fish varieties and keeping those Fish varieties with them.
  • Transporting drugs by seaway illegally.
  • gold smuggling.
TNT bomb ,it's using in illegal fishing
caught smuggling gold,Delft
news about illegal actives of fisermen
news about illegal actives of fisermen
news about illegal actives of fisermen

The mere arrests and imposing of fines are not sufficient to control these illegal activities.Measures should be taken to introduce correct fishing vessels,equipment and modern technology among Jaffna fishermen.

The Fisheries Department has taken measures to strengthen and legalize the fisheries industry to uplift livelihood and improve methods of catching fish and alternative fishing equipment are given fishermen

fish are imported to colombo

  • In 2012, 32400 metric ton fish were exported to colombo according to Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources annual report
  • Net Production of Northsea Ltd was 20.95 metric ton in 2012.

preparation for fishing

fishermen are repairing the fishingnet.
a boat engine is being repaired
fishermen are going towards to their boat
fisherman going towards to his boat
Young fishermen,Gurunagar
a priest is blessing boat
fishermen are taking the boat to the sea

Fish importing process

Fishermen seperating fish by its kind at rainny time in gurunagar,captured by L.R.Nicksharon
fishermen carrying fish to the market to clean it.
preparing to clean
Some ladies are cleaning and cutting the fish.

They packed it with ice to import

crab import

Crabs are being separated by its quality
crab cleaners in crab import factory
they are ready to import.
ready to travel colombo

traditional mathod fishing

traditional Fisherman,Jaffna
Traditional fishermen,gurunagar
Traditional fishermen,navanthurai
Fishermen seperating fish by its kind in gurunagar,captured by L.R.Nicksharon

dried fish

Dried fish are more popular and consumed by country side dwellers due to lack of fresh fish supplies as a result of lack of proper transportation and marketing facilities.Total dried fish demand of the country is fulfilled through local production and imports.In sri lanka about 70% of local dried fish production of the country from Northern and Eastern provinces.

preparing to make dried fish
A family is preparing to make dried fish
prepared fish is drying
Now the dried fish is ready
a foreigner buying dried fish
Dried fish shop in Jaffna Town

Dry fish project for women in Jaffna funded by JICA

This project aimed to assist the women (especially women headed families) in fishing communities for getting the regular income through producing high quality and hygienic dried fish,and through marketing their commodities to supermarket and other channels in Colombo and the other part of Sri Lanka.Target 20 women in each market.

basic facilities

Drinking water facilities

one of the major obstacles that they face is the inability to obtain clean water.It's a major problem in jaffna coastal area.

Most of the the wells are contaminated with salty water..
so they use cleaned tap water which is supplied by the government..
A girl getting water from tap,Gurunagar
But in island area still the problem.they face is the inability to obtain clean water.

medical facility

in the coastal site people are able to get medical facility easily and it's provided by the government for free.

waste management

the environment is polluted because of bad waste management.
a few amount of garbage is managed by municipal council of jaffna.
some fishermen pour waste oil in sea.

electricity facilities

electicity post,Nainativu
  • electricity is provided by the government in these area.
  • 2427 families don't have electricity facility in islands area.
  • 1089 families don't have electricity facility in jaffna and karainagar area.
  • 4061 families don't have electricity facility in Thenmaradchy area.
  • 3554 families don't have electricity facility in Vadamaradchy area.

Home Facilities

Lot of houses were destroyed during the war. our and other governments such as India,Japan,Australia governments provided free homes to few of them.Even though most of the families don't have good houses.
Houses in Manalkaadu
housing complex,Jaffna
Houses in gurunagar

College of Fisheries and Nautical Engineering

(ocean university of sri lanka)

it's in located No: 671, Beach Road,Gurunagar ,Jaffna
  • it's run by government.
  • most of the people don't heard about it.
  • this building was build with the fund of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Sri Lankan Government.
computer lab,ocean university
engine mechanical training classroom

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

This organization helping fishermen through various project to Develop their life.In jaffna,This organization helped to build many jetty.
This organization did many various projects after Tsunami and after civil war to build Fisherman life.
football training camp,Duraiappah stadium.

my eye through the camera

Fishermen are waiting to buy Ice
fishermen are playing cards game during the free time
a fisherman with his sons.
Fishermen boats in Passaiyoor
A Fisherman cleaning his boat
Cycle repairman,Gurunagar
Stray Cows,Jaffna
palmyra tree in sea site.
parents are waiting for their children to take them to home from tuition class,Gurunagar
Beach in afternoon
Old lady,Gurunagar
fishermen are repairing the their fishingnet
Notice board in an Playground,Gurunagar
Children in fishing ,Jaffna
inspirational words in a board,Gurunagar Army Camp.
Sunset ,Point pedro

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