Blue Room Happenings May 5, 2017

The Blue Room paleontologists were on the move! "W, w" week was full of wonder, as we continued to explore the land of the dinosaurs, with a particular focus on geology, rocks, fossils, and volcanoes. We began our week learning about the formation of the Grand Canyon, by way of the Colorado River. We were surprised to find that there is a volcano near the canyon (called Sunset Crater) that is dormant (your children know the meaning!). There is black sand at the base! We also learned about the beautiful Painted Desert also near the canyon, made up of millions of years of brilliant layers of rock and sand. We created our own painted deserts.

We discovered that along with the dinosaurs, were many plants, other animals, and insects. One that we loved was the dragonfly. Our own 'stained glass' dragonflies were beautiful. Speaking of insects, the Blue Room is in the process of watching our classroom butterflies in their habitat, morphing from five caterpillars to five chrysalides. It won't be long before we see them turn into delicate butterflies. We can't wait!

This week, we also sculpted our own volcano, and watched it erupt!

Our week continued with hopes of spring. Though the weather was cool, we were able to get outside for some fresh air and exploration.

See if you recognize where these pictures were taken...

Our poem of the week, was an ode to spring;

We had a "W, w" bonanza with this one!

As the week progressed, Carole introduced us to a new art form, as we constructed mosaics in clay. Beading with Gavin's mom, and making wind socks with Brooke's mom were great activities for the kids. Thank you Andreia and Monica for sparking our creativity!

Our flag of the week was Wales, and it was a very cool dragon! Yes, there are volcanoes there (dormant). We decided that dragons are pretend cousins of dinosaurs!

Some good books that we read: "Grand Canyon", by Atchison; "How Do Dinosaurs Go to to School?", by Yolen; "If I Met a Dinosaur", by Whitman; "Fossils", by Oxlade. We also read more books about being good friends. Some favorites were "Let's be Friends", by Choi; "Stick and Stone", by Lichtenheld, and "Dragon's Song", by Mike.

Finally, we have many May birthdays! So much to celebrate!

Have a fantastic weekend!


The Blue Crew❤️❤️❤️

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