Inner Thoughts By: Jacob, Zach, Taylor and brandon

When we go throughout our days, we don't think about the way our minds are working in all the situations we put ourselves in. We go to class, learn in the same atmosphere, go home and spend our free time until the day is over, go to sleep, wake up, and do it all over again. If I asked you to show me the part of your body you would consider to be the strongest, you would probably flex your arm, or mention a set weight you are able to lift. But you would not tell me about the way you use your brain everyday. You wouldn't tell me about the millions of neurons that fire off inside of your brain every minute or you amazing ability to recall events that happened years ago.

Sometimes doing the same thing over and over again can drive you to point of breaking out into paranoia. Relationships and events can cause paranoia as well. With the paranoia comes delusions ,which is believing in evidence against a certain topic or cultural beliefs and believe those to be real too.

One of most known breakdowns is inside of a story. A once powerful and astounding warrior, was turned into a shell of who he once was and that was his downfall. This was the story of Macbeth written by Shakespeare. Macbeth was considered one of the most fiercest fighters. As the story progresses, Macbeth is found with witches that tell him prophecies, such as him becoming king. Macbeth instead of waiting to receive the throne appropriately, he decides he has to take it under his own terms. Before usurping the throne, he saw a dagger appear before him, leading him to King Duncan.

After taking the throne himself, Macbeth develops an inner conflict. Guilt ridden, he feels everyone is after him. The only logical thing to do with the suspicion is to kill those suspecting him. The paranoia gets to him so bad, Macbeth has his right hand man, Banquo murdered, but his son survives. Macbeth can't handle this news, and at his own dinner party, Macbeth not only freaks out over a ghost of Banquo but freaks out his guests at this party. He believes that there is a ghost of his former friend in his seat, but why can't anyone see it but him?

Macbeth is suffering from extreme sleep deprivation and has suppressed his feelings of guilt, from both murders he has committed directly or indirectly. These are signs of paranoia and delusions.

As tragic as the story of Macbeth is, this can happen to anyone. Maybe not to the extent of murder but feeling that there is someone out to get you is a real thing that people go through in there everyday life. There is many different stories and some cases still going on. By the way, what's that behind you?


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