The New England Region 5Q written by Zoe and Brendan

The states in the New England region are Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. New England is found in the United States of America.

The average yearly temperature is 51° F. The lowest temp was -50°F in Vermont. The highest temp was 107°F in MA. The year was 1975. The average precipitation is 15.75 inch. There's usually cold autumns and winters and very hot springs and summers.

Also, there's a lot of snowstorms in New England. In evenings, there's also a lot of thunderstorms.

The hottest summer in the world was 1.6°. Wow that's very hot.

In Boston, MA The weather is surprisingly warm then back to cold. But the current weather today is 47 degrees. Wow that's very warm for the beginning of spring.
In Watch Hill, RI It's also very very warm. Since it's in the South, It's warmer than MA. The current weather today is 49°.
In Hartford CT, earlier this week it was 49 degrees. It was high and warm temperatures and then it went back to a cold spring.
In VT, there is warmer weather than 20 degrees. It is 43°. Wow. But tomorrow it's going to be 38°.
Here is Rhode Island, MA, and Vermont in there different seasons.

When you go up through the West side of America, You will see the states of New England. Since New England is up on the Northwest side of our Country, every winter it's the coldest it can get. Usually there's always ice and snow storms when you least expect it. Up in the North we have a unique climate system. Storms that will come to New England will usually come from The Gulf of Mexico and go up the East Cost.

Climatologist use temperature and percipitation records to estimate what the weather is going to be like for the next few weeks. They look back through years of records.

In 2011, Springfield MA and Wilbraham sustained damage from a tornado that hit. (EF3 tornado)


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