Sun, Moon & Stars MVHS Choirs | Oct. 5, 2021

Concert Etiquette

  • Please turn your screen brightness down as you are viewing this digital program.
  • Please refrain from using your device for anything other than program reading--we want you to have an engrossing musical experience as a member of the audience.
  • Please ensure that your personal devices will not make any unexpected sounds during the performance.
  • If you need to exit the auditorium, please do so between songs, during the applause.
  • Please refrain from cat calling or screaming individuals' names.
  • Please be generous with your applause--the singers have worked hard and are energized by vigorous applause.


Humankind has always felt a certain sky-lust: a pull to glimpse, understand, and conquer the vastness of the heavens. Ancient cultures have put various symbolism and meanings on the celestial bodies. Some view them as deceased ancestors, looking down upon us. Others view the constellations as gods themselves, each symbolizing a different deity with power and personality. Others yet worship the sun as their god--the great bringer of life. In modern times, these and other beliefs flourish, reflecting a continued fascination with the sky.

As humankind is moved by the majesty of the cosmos, they attempt to convey these feelings through art. Many songs have been written about the sun, moon, and stars--tonight we experience just of a sliver of them. We hope you are moved, entertained, and perhaps even changed: viewing the skies with a newfound or rekindled awareness and awe.

I would like to personally say thank you to our amazing Bruin community for continuing to support this amazing choir program. It takes a lot of student leadership and community involvement to keep it running at such a high caliber. I'm now beginning my ninth year here at Mountain View High School, beginning with my student teaching back in 2013. I am daily humbled by the responsibility and opportunity to work with such outstanding student-musicians. I truly believe it when I say it: the MVHS choir students are the best kids in the school. Thank you for trusting and supporting me in the completion of such a challenging and fulfilling vocation.

Brett Taylor

Chamber Choir

Star Spangled Banner, arr. Darmon Meader

Man Choir

Stars I Shall Find, Johnson

Blue Moon, arr. Emerson

Parker Schollenberger, Porter Schollenberger, scat improvisation

About Man Choir: A4 – Any grade level welcome. Man Choir <grunt> is the entry level auditioned choir for unchanged, changing, and changed male voices at MVHS. Specific attention is given to male register negotiation and vocal development. Audition or recommendation (from junior high music director) required. Full year commitment expected.

Con Brio

Count the Stars, Beck

Birds' Lullaby, Quartel

About Con Brio: A3 – Any grade level welcome. The name means “with joy”, “with light” or “with life”, which embodies the personality traits of successful participants. Con Brio is the auditioned women’s chorus at MVHS. Specific attention is given to developing a rich and full tone throughout the vocal range. Audition or recommendation (from junior high music director) required. Full year commitment expected.

Chamber Choir

Ballade to the Moon, Elder

Another Day of Sun, arr Narverud

Emmy Huff, Landon Harris, soloists

About Chamber Choir: A2 – Seniors only. As the most advanced vocal ensemble at MVHS, Chamber Choir consists of 32 dedicated musicians who embrace the difficulty and satisfaction of a rigorous rehearsal and performance schedule. Students are expected to enroll in another advanced level music class (A Cappella, Wind Symphony, or AP Music Theory) simultaneously. Members are expected to fund and participate in the annual spring choir tour. Audition and call-back required.

Concert Choir

Night Yoik, Fjellheim

Broguen Holden, Mary Wilcox, Celeste Vega, Ellie McClellan, improvisation; Cameron Rasmussen, percussion

Yoik is a very old vocal tradition among the Sami people of Scandinavia and Russia. Typical of this tradition is the use of short melodic phrases that repeat endlessly with small variations. The Samis themselves say that the Yoik has no beginning and no end. The Yoik often describes a specific person, emotion or other element of nature and does so with very little use of words.

The syllables used in Night Yoik are inspired by the tradition but slightly normalized to make them work in this context. They have no specific linguistic meaning.

Old Devil Moon, arr. Huff

About Concert Choir: B7 (semester 1 only) – Any grade level welcome. Concert Choir serves as the stomping ground for a wide variety of experience levels. Basic musical skills are taught, such at notational literacy, healthy vocal production, and listening skills. Concert Choir performs at all MVHS choir concerts. At the semester change, students are encouraged to either audition for another choir, or switch into Music Tech, a creation-based music class. No audition required.


Stand By Me, arr. Sharon

Daniel Tsao, Cali Howse, Amber Westover, McKay Card, soloists

Underneath the Stars, arr. Clements

Jonathan Thompson, Sharissa Cookson, soloists

Wonder, arr. Sanders

Colby Hair, Maddi Thompson, Tyler Schaumann, Vanessa Arkell, soloists

About Motive: Any grade level welcome. Motive is a unique group, specializing in contemporary acapella music. This small ensemble is extra-curricular, rehearsing exclusively outside of school hours. As part of the vocal music program at MVHS, Motive still performs regularly at all choir concerts. Audition and call-back required. Full year commitment expected.

A Cappella Choir

Even When He is Silent, Arnesen

Unclouded Day, arr. Kirchner

About A Cappella Choir: B6 – Juniors and Seniors only. This is the heart of the MVHS choir program and usually contains around 100 vocal athletes. The sheer size of A Cappella allows opportunity to explore challenging and ambitious repertoire selection at a very high performance level. Members are expected to fund and participate in the annual spring choir tour. Audition required.

Brett Taylor, director

Donna Millard, piano

Ian Camp, bass

Sharissa Cookson, Choir President

Daniel Tsao, A Cappella Vice President

Caleb Stay, A Cappella Vice President

Kylie Campbell, A Cappella Secretary

Chace Henry, A Cappella Secretary

Joycelynn Thompson, Soprano Section Leader

Crystal Johnson, Alto Section Leader

Tyler Schaumann, Tenor Section Leader

McKay Card, Bass Section Leader and Chamber Choir President

Cali Howse, Chamber Choir Vice President

Porter Schollenberger, Chamber Choir Secretary


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