Make sure all users have correct access How difficult could it be?

When looking into it - most companies share the same challenges...

New employees

When a new employee starts it is not clear what access he/she should have. Often a colleague's access is copied, but what if that is not correct?

Employees changing jobs

When people change jobs, they get new access but often the old access remains.

New applications

When a new application is created it is not clear who should have access and what people could benefit from it.

Excessive administration

Administration is often significant and spread across all users, plus managers for approval.

Poor overview

There is no overview on who has access to what application and what data.


There is a great risk that accesses that should have been removed is not and no-one has control of the risk level.

Klywa has the solution to all these challenges

Real live test in a matter of hours. Implementation in a few days.
More information on our website or contact us for more info and a free demo.

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