Lead By: Balyodh Bhangu, Shawan Randhawa, Enlil Bet-Khoshabeh, and Rheanna Russo

On this page you will learn about lead. We will answer these following questions:

  • What lead is used for
  • Lead poisoning, Human health risks
  • Flint Michigan Crisis
  • How lead effects poor countries, ecosystems, and the environment
  • Pros and Cons

Throughout this website you will come across information that we believe is important for the public to know. Our purpose for making this website is to inform the public of Lead, and how potentially it could play a big factor in our lives. We will provide you with some very important information about lead and it will change how you view the element lead forever.

This is how lead looks like one the periodic table.

Lead has an atomic number of 82. It has approximately 82 protons 82 protons and 125 neutrons. It's atomic symbol is Pb, Lead has an atomic weight of 207.2 grams. Lead was used by ancient civilizations for thousands of years.

Lead is used for a wide variety of things. Some which we even use throughout our everyday life some include:

  • Cosmetics
  • Ammunition
  • Batteries
  • Gasoline
  • Ceramics
  • Solder
  • Weights
  • Radiation Shield

Lead exposure can be very dangerous. Lead exposure is very dangerous to little kids ages 6 and under. Lead can slow down brain and growth development, it can cause behavioral and learning problems, hearing loss, anemia, and seizure. Lead can also have it's fair share on teens, and adults. Some risk or side effects from lead exposure can be abdominal pain, constipation, memory loss, and loss of appetite. Death could also occur from high exposure. Once inside our body lead circulates in our bodies and targets our big organ systems, after it has contaminated those organs it circulates in our bloodstream again and continues the process over and over and until it's host dies or is removed. There are cures for lead it's called EDTA therapy. Although adults have risk lead impacts our children more because if they are exposed they will need medical attention. When they need medical attention they will be out of school and fall back on learning. It will take a while for them to catch up, but what if they were effected and some difficulties. Lead could alter the physical and mental attributes of us all.

Lead has it's effects on all countries. But lead has a greater impact on poor countries rather than the rich ones. The poor countries suffer more because they usually have more people and not enough money or jobs to fill their needs. Even in those poor countries it's the ones who live in the broken down areas of the community who get the worst. The usually live near factories and industrial areas. The government wants it's people to be healthy but it can do anything because it doesn't have the money. Especially the kids because some may be homeless, they have to deal with there internal problems, and the contamination, they can receive from these poor broken down areas.

A recent disaster that occurred in Flint Michigan was linked to lead contamination. Flint used to get it's main source of water from Detroit, but id didn't have money to keep buying it. So in 2014 the city switched to it's owns rivers water. The water turned out to be completely contaminated with lead. Every homes water source was ruined. The residents their describe the water "as brown and it smelled and tasted odd. In 2015 Flint switched back to water from Detroit, but officials say Flint's water is still deemed undrinkable. The rivers pipes were not coated so lead was easily able to leech into the water and contaminate it. Since it was in the pipe already there was only a little while before it would contaminate the whole city.

Lead can play a very big role in our environment and ecosystem. Lead can potentially kill all our wildlife and our plants. It gets emitted into the air from factories and industrial building and pollutes the air. Our animals and plants breathe in the air and die. That is another humans and all life can expose themselves to lead. Animals can have the same injuries we humans can get from lead., but usually the animals end up dying.

Overall lead has it's pros and it's cons. Some pros may include its useful in many of our everyday items, and there is no other element that has the same function as lea. Lead can help reduce radiation. Although there are numerous cons the main ones are health risks. Lead exposure could leave us potential risks and injuries some minor and some life threatening.

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Balyodh Bhangu


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