Patridiot By Kreigs Legion

War Bastard

2016 | Punk

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“Wrapped in the flag you proudly display, full voiced in slogan for the USA. -- The false and hallow of words only fit the running of colors of patridiots."


  • Kreigs Legion formed as a punk & thrash supergroup in detroit in 2013.
  • Band member pedigrees have included: Gore, Pub Life, The Rogues, Hillside Stranglers, Son of Sam, Liberty 37, and more.
  • The band has released music on Streetrock Records and Greyzone records.


Luke Tatum

This is fun. "You've got your yellow ribbon to support the troops abroad; Bombing the Iraqis but only you were shocked and awed." Isn't that the truth of it, though? These poor people in Middle Eastern countries are anything but surprised to see bombers and drones from the Good Ol' United States of America, proudly beaming in the sun overhead, raining down death and spreading democracy. It's not awe-inspiring. It inspires terrorists. Nothing like parents cradling the mangled bodies of their senselessly slaughtered children to breed violent malcontent in a population. But of course, that requires thinking from the perspective of another human being, and that seems like too much of a challenge for the Patridiots here at home.

Sherry Voluntary

This song attacks the mainstream media and the lazy minded television culture that is so prevalent in the US. People look to the talking heads of the mainstream media whose interest lies in spinning the facts of every situation to support the cronied corporate narrative, and thereby The State.

“Wrapped in the flag you proudly display / Full voiced in slogan for the USA / The false and hollow of words only fit / The running colors of patridiots.”

The chorus reminds me of all the times we hear different people from different places somehow come up with the same tired arguments and slogans. To me, that is clearly a sign of corporate media indoctrination, how greatly it pervades our culture and how effective it truly is. Timothy Leary famously said “Turn on, Tune in, and Drop out,” it’s unfortunate that instead of people seeking self discovery, and ways to remove themselves from the hierarchies of cotrol, they have unknowingly literally applied turing on the tv, tuning in to their favorite indoctrination, and then dropping out of requiring critical thinking.

Nicky P

This song makes me downright homesick. Not because I share this inconsistent and confusing view, but because it's what rural America is made of. All those farms and trailer parks and shanty's are filled to the brim with these people. What's even worse is how often people mistake these confused individuals for libertarians. One of my favorite libertarian characters in pop-culture is in fact tarnished because of this confusion. I love the Ron Swanson character from Parcs And Rec because they genuinely do a fine job of getting the economic side of libertarianism down. The issue is they still paint Ron as being fond of the armed forces because in their world republicans are libertarians. The reality is that there is no government program more wasteful and evil than the military. So when they have Ron list Patton & Bridge On The River Kwai as his favorite movies all I can think of is the people this song illustrates and how they like to fancy themselves as libertarians because...reasons?

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Nicky P