Time Management Self management strategies

Weekly Plan
Semester Plan
To-Do Lists


Great day today! I followed my schedule and didn't push any assignments or work I needed to do! Go me!


Long day of work today! Not a lot of time for anything else. I had a short review session for each class before bed.


Another great day! I followed my schedule and didn't have to move anything around!


After completing this activity, I have concluded that I do not need to change my plan in any way. The way that I have my to-do lists, weekly plan, and semester plan set up was very efficient for me. I never strayed from my schedule nor did I push anything off. I made sure I had enough time for everything I wanted to get done and when it came time to complete certain activities, I did not procrastinate. When I started on my scheduled activities at the time I was supposed to, it gave me a feeling of satisfaction which helped me start on other tasks I didn't want to. This part of my portfolio has so far been this most helpful because time management is what I really lacked on last semester. However, with this time management 3 part planner, I will be the most successful student I can be!


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