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Jamaica is a small Island South of Florida and Cuba. The average temperature is mostly in the 80's and 90's. Even though Jamaica is a different country, their main language is English, but some Jamaicans speak French. Jamaica has three different airports. The main airport is located in Montego Bay then the others are in Ocho Rios and Kingston. The airports in Ocho Rios and Kingston are smaller.

Jamaica location on map


Columbus explored Jamaica in 1494 and named Jamaica, St. Iago, but years later it was named Jamaica. When Jamaica was found by Columbus the Spanish ruled, but in 1655 English invaded and defeated Spanish. In 1866 Jamaica became a Crown Colony. In 1952 the supreme ruler was Queen Elizabeth 2. The head elected government in 2012 was Portia Simpson- Miller. The newest head of the government is Andrew Holness, elected in March 2016.

Supreme ruler and head of government


On January 6, 2017 the group of CEO for Tastee Group Gave a speech and announced that they have gave the Ryan Foster Hospital $1 million. The hospital has been donated to in 2014 and they got another million. That money was used for medical items and equipment such as panel screens and much more.

The hospital wasn't sure what they where going to do with their money, but they decided to put the money towards the teaching and learning for young.

About Bob Marey

Bob Marley was born in rural parish of St. Ann on February 6, 1945. His full name is Robert Nesta Marley. He was known as a Jamaican singer, songwriter, and bandleader. His best-known song was "I Shot the Sheriff." Bob was shot and wounded by a gunmen in 1976. His wife and back up singer were also shot and wounded. Bob Marley sadly passed away from cancer in Miami, Florida, on May 11, 1981.

Bob Marley Singing

Places To Go

One of the highest rated place to go is Dunns Fall. At Dunns Fall you get to climb waterfall. It is $99 per adult and $33 per child. There are stairs you get to climb up the waterfall, but the stairs are built into the bed of the fall for more support. At the Dunns fall you get to see 600- foot main-water face.

Dunns River Fall

Also a place to go is the Dolphin Cove. At the Dolphin Cove you get to swim, watch, and ride dolphins. The cove opened in 2001 in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The second Cove opened in Montego Bay, 2005. The third Cove opened in 2010 at Lucea, Jamaica. You also get the experience of holding a parrot.

The Dolphin Cove
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