5AM-Cosmetic set By Ollie hochstein, Luca gemma, Sarah pina ,Lilly rivera


Have you ever thought about having a job in Egypt, where would you consider yourself on the social class pyramid? Maybe you would be a farmer, or a solder, or even a craftsman! Us four social scientists are going to teach you about the Cosmetic set, and what it can do, and how it affected us to this day. The cosmetic set was made for looks back then, everyone cared a lot about looks back then. The cosmetic set was a huge part of the 18th dynasty, especially for people who cared about looks.

The cosmetic set

Ancient Egypt

Women using the cosmetic set

Archaeologist: Ollie

, The cosmetic kit was used for people to look their best. These Ancient people were creative, this is true because they made objects out of the resources they had in the 18th dynasty, nothing like we have today. Archaeologists can tell these people lived very long ago because of the resources they had, the people who made this stuff were on the bottom of the social class pyramid, meaning slaves. These people made the cosmetic set for rich wealthy people the rich people wanted this to look fancy, good, And rich. These slaves were probably upset that they had made so many of these sets, for not even themselves. This was unfair.

These people organized themselves as workers. These slaves made the cosmetic set. Slaves always felt upset because of the way they are treated, also slaves made the cosmetic set for other people and not themselves. Slaves were not allowed to make for themselves. The cosmetic set is very important back then because people cared about looks. Hoverboards are very popular, kind of like the cosmetic set back then. You want to look good.


You may be wondering where the Cosmetic set of Kohl Tube and Applicator, Razor, Tweezers, Whetstone, and Mirror was found. It was found in upper Egypt, Thebes, Asasif, Tomb CC 37. People believe the king and queen would use the Cosmetic kit before they went to a special place to look professional. This impacts the people in what they wear because. If their face looks good they want their clothes to look good too.

Most people that had money or something good to trade, would have a special kind of kit. Some of the cosmetic sets were made from gold or silver. So the people that were wealthy could afford the cosmetic set. The men and women would have to have a good job To be able to buy the set. That is the geography of the Cosmetic set

Sociologist-Sarah P.

The cosmetic kit is something that men and women used back in ancient Egypt. It was known for storing women's jewelry. The reason why they had this is because when they all met up they would wear fancy jewelry. Same with the men. A cosmetic kit wasn’t used just for jewelry, it also had a collection of makeup. Makeup was a big thing in Egypt, they would wear it during an event or something else important to them. Makeup was used in the men's products, and the woman, if you saw men wearing it then no one cared, the same with women

Egyptians used the cosmetic kit with a razor too. It was used for curling your hair, which was a culture for parties and events, and was important to develop even today, how people wear makeup, and jewlery. Also, it was used for painting back in ancient Egypt which goes to their cosmetic kit which also goes with makeup from crushing up rocks, so they acted like their makeup was like paint. Which also gave the humans other resources about different objects they can make out of the cosmetic kit, and even children would wear it.


The cosmetic kit was probably made for “makeup”. Back then, all men and women wore makeup so it must have been very important because, important people like leaders and tribes wore color on their faces that looks similar to face paint or makeup. Their Kit Must've been important in history because it shows people what tribe/group they are in by painting on their faces. Another thing it could have been used for is, for the same uses we use make up for today. Maybe, people back then used make up the same way we use it today. back then the style wasn’t exactly like it is now but back then, maybe they used the cosmetic kit as a way to make themselves look different or “better” as some people would say. It was probably used this way by mostly women but men too.

For men, they probably used the cosmetic kit to shave with the razors. This would be an important discovery for people because some people want to look different or for hygiene purposes. In the past, women didn’t have as equal rights as men do so, it is most likely that men used the whetstone. A whetstone is a stone that is used to sharpen tools to make weapons, women were supposed to stay home, watch the children, cook etc. men, were to hunt and work everyday. So it is most likely that men used the whetstone and razor most of the time. The cosmetic kit was used by men and women which helped our time turn the way it is now with simple technology that we use everyday.


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Extra information was found at The Metropolitan Museum, Gallery 114

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