the journey to America by:Allie Jernigan

imagine leaving everything behind for a better life,imagine being stuck on a boat crowded with little food to eat for 12 weeks

the first thing that was spotted by the immigrants was the stature of liberty,a 15 year old girl said ''i knew i was in america was when i noticed the statue of liberty''

early 19th century had some struggles many people got ill,death,starvation homeless ext.

boats were for the immigrants so they could get to the united states

when the immigrants came to Ellis island it was required to get examinations about 29 questions asked and answered if the question was wrong the boats send immigrants back to there home towns.

so many immigrants had to get the inspections which took hours and hours most of the immigrants had to spend a few nights at Ellis island waiting for the names to be called.

hospitals were filled of immigrants every where with so many different diseases one of the diseases to watch out for was the trachoma eye diseases highly contagious and would send immigrants back home.

when the immigrants passed all the examinations they were considered US citizens of United states.


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