ALASKA My favorite DestInation is alaska because there is A lot to do and See

I like to be in Alaska because it is there very cold and you have a lot of space.

This is One of the typical outhouse in Alaska
Here I like to life

I like to be in Alaska when iT is winter. Than you have a lot of fun you can ski ,snowboard, glide also you must survive the heavy nights look under this.

Under this you can see pictures of typical Alaska things and information


Northern Lights


Brown bear




National transport in Alaska

Also the transport is a boat

Also you can catch big fish
Created By
Cor De Boer


Created with images by JonasOgrefoln - "winter cold snow" • skeeze - "kodiak brown bear fishing water" • Matt-Zimmerman - "Kayaking to the ice face at Reid Glacier in Glacier Bay" • skeeze - "dog sled snow wilderness" • skeeze - "ship cutter port" • LoveToTakePhotos - "salmon alaska fishing" • JefferyTurner - "The End"

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