rise of terror isis

Where does isis originate from?

Isis rose to power in late 2014 “The group widely known as ISIS owes its history to two conflicts in neighboring nations, Iraq and Syria”(Howard). When US troops left Iraq in 2011 the government that was left in charge was not ready to enforce laws on its own. This lead to religious violence and the rise of many extremist groups. One of these groups was isis or at the time isi they believed that if you were not shea you are their enemy. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was the match that started the fire. He worked with alcidas Osama Bin Laden for many years but started to have differences with him eventually splitting and forming his own extremist group isi. However because of his actions Zarqawi became the center point of U.S Intelligence and was eventually killed during a U.S airstrike. However the group still remains a threat with this new leader. “The group later took root in northwestern Iraq and expanded into civil-war-torn northeastern Syria”. (Oghanna)

However because of his actions Zarqawi became the center point of U.S intelligence and was eventually killed during a U.S airstrike. However the group still remains a threat with this new leader.

How has the local government reacted?

Local government forces started out on a rocky start but gained the upper hand and are now on the offencive. In early 2014 isis swept all across the iraq taking major victories over the government forces. However in late 2014 their weakness started to show when that attacked the city of Erbil the capital of Kurdistan. It was their that they were met with heavy and effective resistance from a regunived and ready to fight government force which where not only able to hold off the offence but push the isis assault out of Kurdistan. What started this major comeback is unknown but it was effective and now government forces are taking back iraq city by city and village by village. The man who is leading the charge is major Salam and the gold special forces battalion he stated “we are on the offencive pushing them back to their capital” (major salam). As they push isis fighters all the way back to their capital.

How has the rest of the world reacted to isis?

Alongside government forces nations around the world are assisting with the effort the UK has provides troops to combat isis fighters and train government forces. The US has not officials entered war with isis yet but has participated in airstrikes on known isis targets and dispatched an unknown number of troops to advise the local government forces.”we are not here to fight this was for them”(hartman) Also local militia and former terrorist groups have agreed to help government forces fight isis.”they have killed our people now we will kill theirs”. Staded by a member of one of these former militia groups. And it has been reported that isis and al qaeda may also be in an underground war. British S.A.S teams have started seeing firefights between isis and al qaeda forces. It's clear that the deck is stacked against isis.

What does the future hold for isis?

As it stands right now isis is fighting a downhill war. Their campaigns in iraq and syria aren't going well and in iraq they are actually losing ground to the government advance. “As we advance they retreat” as stated by the commander of the iraq special forces that spear head this advance. The US has not officially entered a war with isis but would not allow them to become a major threat to the people. So the US government launched a series of airstrikes on isis targets. “Isis has an obsession of controlling land and showing their power which leaves them open against the US airstrikes” stated a reported from vos news along with the airstrikes the US has also lended 300 active troops to help train the syrian army. Many of the US troops are veterans from the war on al qaeda. We need to keep in mind that even with these loses the group could still come back but as for now is seems the night may end before the storm


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