The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Arthur is a normal person living on Earth. When he meets Ford. Ford is an alien from a different planet. Arthur and Ford leave Earth before it is destroyed; they hitch a ride from the alien ship who blow-up the Earth. Ford and Arthur are now hiding in the alien ship because if they are found they will be killed. Arthur and Ford are now found and will soon be killed. The aliens decide to throw them out into space to be lost forever. Before they are kill Zaphod, Fords simi-cousin saves them. Millions of years age the aliens wanted to know the answer to the world, the universe and everything. They build a big computer to answer the question. The computer answered saying "42". The aliens being unsatisfied ask the computer to give them a better answer. So, the computer built Earth to answer the question. Before the computer gives an them an answer the Earth is destroyed by the aliens. The aliens try to kill Arthur because he was on Earth when it was destroyed. Arthur, Ford and Zaphod make it out alive and head off to the restaurant at the end of the universe. By: Douglas Adams in Great Britain published by Pan Books in 1979.

Arthur is a normal person living on Earth. He makes Ford trying to sake hands with a care but Arthur tackles him out of the way. Some years latter Ford saves Arthur before the Earth is destroyed. They are trapped on the alien ship that blow-up the Earth. Arthur and Ford are soon found and are thrown outside the space ship into space. Before they are kill Fords simi-cousin saves them. Zaphod, Marvin and Trillian are on their space ship to soon run into Arthur and Ford. Trillian is an Earthing just like Arthur. Zaphod is Ford simi-cousin. Marvin is a depressed robot. They have to find a gun for Beeblebrox to get Zaphod's second head. When they find the gun Beeblebrox try to kill them with his army of aliens. Marvin shots the gun at Beeblebrox killing him and his army. They are now flying into space looking for the restaurant at the end of the universe. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Garth Jennings is the movie director. 2005 is when the movie was made.

The book band the movie are the same in many ways. In the movie they added more parts. Such as the part with Beeblebrox. Also the part with Trillian. Everything else is the same between them.

You should watch the movie because it has lots of action. There is also some hummer in the movie. The movie flows and it makes sense. The movie plays for two hours. It is mostly action. The movie leaves you wondering to see what happens next. If you like action movies then The Hitchhikers Guild To The Galaxy is for you!


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