Anna Garcia Death Emily de la cruz

Anna Garcia was 38 year old she weighted 165 ,and she had a height of 6'4. She passed away in a very hot morning .When her next door neighbor Doug Greene called her she didn't respond . So, he then called the operator and they immediately sent the emergency medical and they found her dead lying face down in her house hallway. They sent crime scene investigators to check what really happen to Anna Garcia. When she was dead laying face down there was lots of blood around her head. Alex Garcia which is her ex husband was there the night before her death. When the investigators got there she was already dead an estimate of 4 hours and she got checked at 11 A.M .So in that said ,Anna died at 7 A.M

On August 14,2016 she was found dead but , she didn't have any bruises ,no scratches ,no wounds nor fractures.The only thing that she had was lots of blood . The crime scene investigators found a hair which matched Anna's hair so it wasn't Lucy nor Erica so that hair didn't connect to them . There was also vomit and Annas dog kept on barking so in that case there was someone in there or trying to get in. There was also a syringe and a footprint and pills .It was also really hot that day. She was even wearing a sweater .I don't think anyone was trying to attack her because there wasn't any clues but, the only clues that the investigators did found was a fingerprint on the wine cup .

In conclusion , I strongly do believe that Alex did kill Anna because he was the last one who seen her and Know anything about her ,In my own opinion I honestly do think Alex had to do something with Anna's death .why? because there was fingerprints of Alex ,She was feeling dizzy so he probably gave her something in the syringe and made her vomit .Then that's how she fell and hit her head on the table and started to bleed out and that's when the dog starting barking because he knew something was wrong with Anna .

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