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in 1533 was a city wall build, what the begin of the city Shanghai was. During the first Opiumwar, in the begin from the 19 century where English troops on the power of Shanghai.

Shanghai was then as a village that lived from fishing and textile industries. but the Treaty of Nanking that in 1842 with the United Kingdom was closed. grew Shanghai to a port with global connections.

Since the year 90 , after economic reforms from Deng Xiaoping, is the city going to redevelopmont. so is the bussines Pudong out the ground smashed. The city has sins 2004 the biggest harbor of the world and take therewith the position from Singapore over. In 2010 was the worldexhibition in the city from Shanghai.

population growth

the economic grow and the economic perspectives that shanghai bid. Gave a big glamor for a lot of Chinese to come to Shanghai. between the year 50 and 80 was Shanghai the biggest economic city from China, but strange is that it really constant was. Sins the year 90 came a lot of chinese to shanghai. opposite the 6,9 milion people they in 1957 in the city lives stand now 9,3 million people, and 18,26 million in the county town. that came door the official population of the province of Shanghai came from people outside, they immagration in Shanghai. Because the population growth from permanent shanghai people negative is. that is unique for a town in China.

lie yearly natural population growth under permanent residents in 1957 around the 40 procent. that mark was fast going under the 10 procent. and reached in 2000 in the negative worth from -1,9 procent. the population growth in 2004 was -1,2 per 1000 residents. the boringmark was 6,0 and the deadmark was 7,2 per 1000 residents. in 2003 was the official registered population 13,4 million. but more than 5 million people live and work onregistered in shanghai. In 2003 was the life expectancy around the 80 year. the city tells in 2005 around the 18 million people

how the economy came

Shanghai is the commercial and financial center of China. This came after economics reforms in 1992. before this reforms must Shanghai pay a lot of load on the central Government, aurond the 70% procent from the national load was from Shanhai. From 1992 was this reduced to 20%-25%. Now became Shanghai to one of the biggest and most developed city in China. Shanghai and Hongkong will be the economic centrum of China. Hongkong became the capital from China. Sins Hongkong in 1997 is transferred on China is Shanghai in the finacial sector and banking be better an has much companies built his headqaurter moved to the city. because of this is the question to highly skilled workforce strong to go above. the economie of Shanghai grew really fast, with 11% every year


Oriental Pearl Tower: This tower is designed by Jia Huancheng. The building process of the building was started 1991 and finished 1995. The surface of the building is 54 000 m². The building costs over 75 million euro. There visit over 3 million tourists a year, it is the highest building in China’s people’s republic.

Shanghai Tower: This skyscraper is pretty new, the build of it started in november 2008 and was finished in juny 2016. The building is 632 metres high, it is the highest building in China and the second highest building in the world. The architect of the building is Gensler. The surface is 380 000 m²

Jade Buddha Temple: This big temple was founded 1882, This temple has got 2 buddha figures made of Jade. The temple has got a vegetarian restaurant in it.


For centuries, Shanghai has been the place where east meets west in China. its architecture is traditionally Chinese. Shanghai has got much art either, The biggest art is Shanghai Grand Theatre. here are a couple things in this culture:

Tai chi: Tai chi is a martial arts in China, many people in Shanghai practice it.there are a couple styles in this martial arts this styles make it go slower a couple of these are: Sun-style, Yang-style and Wu-style.

Local dances: another cultural thing in China are local dances, many of these dancers are dancing for money. There are also some shows, with local dances. The Chinese dance style is a bit modern and a bit traditional. The best known dance are: Dragon dance and Lion dance.

Shanghai Opera: This show is being performed in the “Shanghai Opera House” (Shanghai Grand Theatre). The Opera is sometimes English and other times Chinese, It's also often Chinese mixed with English.


There are a couple unique animals in Shanghai. The Yangtze River Dolphin is a dolphin without a dorsal fin. There are only around 800 remaining, they’re dropping down because of pollution in Shanghai. Another animal in Shanghai is The Pangolin, this animal spends most daytime rolled up. He is often only active at night. He is almost never active at day. their scales can be sharp. The last animal is the Chinese Giant Salamander, this salamander can be 1 meter 80. it’s super fast on water and land and they are blind.

10 Facts of Shanghai

Shanghai is the largest city in the entire world, Shanghai has got 24 million inhabitants. Shanghai is the most populated city in all of China.

The locals speak a dialect called Shanghainese. The dialect of Shanghai is known for its distinct pronunciation, which differs greatly from the standard Mandarin spoken in and around beijing(Capital of China)

The largest metro system in the world. Shanghai has got 588 km spread of tunnels and track beneath the city. with this 588 km of tunnels and track there are 364 Stations in Shanghai.

The name. the words Shang and Hai literally means above the sea. this name was made because there is many water in and around Shanghai. A name was used for Shanghai earlier is Huating. This name is not fully gone, a restaurant in Shanghai is called Huanting. it’s very popular by locals.

Longest bar. the Shanghai bar in Shanghai has got the longest bar in the world.


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