JACOB LAND Were life is perfect and things are great, you don't have to worry about strife or grief

In Jacob Land we promise high education to all that need it, with the amount of food you need and anything you want as long as you're helping the community become a better place. Our rules help protect all in the community and allow you to to to be safe at all times other rules include No murder, stealing, The First 10 Amendments, certain important choice that may endanger you or others must be verified no fraudery no lying , no rape, no kidnapping. These rules will hopefully help you be safe in your stay here. In our remote area with warm temperatures in the summer, and cool weathers in the winter which provide snow to make sure droughts don't happen. School starts at 7:30 and ends at 2:00, with free time tell 11:00 were citizens are then asked to stay inside. We also make sure your voice is heard with annual elections were 100 people are voted every year and may not run more than 2 years in a row, were anyone has the chance to run. We hope to see you soon and have great day.

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