Objective 1 project By Kavehi Fonua

I took pictures of two pine trees and compared the variation between both of them. I had questions about them and one question that stuck out the most was why one tree was smaller and the branches were bunched closely, while the others were tall and the branches were spaced out. I researched and couldn't find much, but I did find that the tree could just have adapted to the environment and the tree grew so it could have more protection because the branches were close together, which the other trees did not have. Then I found that since the trees branches were more pointed up it helped it catch more sunlight.

For the tree to have this mutation in the beginning is for ether something to go wrong in the DNA, but that wrong turned out to be a good thing for the tree. There is another possibility that the tree was planted like this and the father and mother of the tree passed these genes down to the tree.

There are positives and negatives to this mutation in this tree compared to all the other pine trees. I will first start with the negatives. The trees that are bigger next to this pine tree might take more and more water form the pine tree then it could soon die. It could maybe not get as much sunlight as the trees next to it grow bigger and cause it to be in the shade more.

Now for the positives of the pine tree. The pine tree since it is small it can use less water to survive, but when it does get more water that will be a plus also. Then the way the branches on the pine tree are growing it helps it catch more sunlight. So since the tree is small it is a really good thing the branches and the pine needles will be able to catch sunlight better. Lastly, it is a good thing for the tree to have bunched up branches for better protection from the wind, hail, and any other natural things that can harm the tree. This mutation for this tree is also a good thing because there are more positive effects on the tree it had then negative.

To make the trait from this tree more visible and to give more exaggeration, you can do multiple things. One thing is to cross breed that pine tree with another pine tree that is very similar to it. To do this you can find a tree in a different area breed the trees together and the offspring will have a more visible trait of the tree above. There are more ways like you can get the seeds from this pine tree and plant them. After they grow, the ones that look closest to the first tree you keep planting them and it will turn out to make the trait of the first tree to be more and more exaggerated.

Created By
Kavehi Fonua


Created with images by MichaelGaida - "fern nature green" • Zach Dischner - "Falling Water" • joepartridge - "forest sunset nature" • Rose Braverman - "13.01.29_19" • Paloika - "Life's A Beach"

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