A Day in the Life of Sportswriting apurva manas, Carmel hs

Sportswriting students Jack Langen, Will Grimm, and Sara Atashi start off their day by writing down questions to ask Division I athletes. They discussed different angles they could potentially use for the stories they would produce with the athletes' answers.
Alex Eisman lines up alongside his classmates and looks up into the empty stands in Assembly Hall. The class had the opportunity to observe the basketball courts and other parts of the facility before they conducted their interviews in the press room.
Matthew Hartel, Jenna Barker, and Connor Smith listen and take notes as volleyball players Jessica Leish and Jessica Admire speak. They asked several questions on a variety of topics including diet, work-out routine, femininity, and more. "My story is about the travel impacts on the athletes and how they manage to do long distance travel but continue to maintain good grades," Smith said.
Colby Mitchell, Isaac Goffin and Jenna Barker sit down for a lunch break in the Assembly Hall cafeteria. They talked about their personal sports experiences and prepared for their next interview.
Will Grimm stands up to ask his last question. Several of his group's questions leaned toward the adversity of being a successful female athlete and other stereotypes that come along with the job.
The sports journalists interview Tyra Buss, a Division I basketball player. Buss discussed her relationship with her family along with her passion for all sports that developed in her early childhood.
Having completed both interviews for the day, Will Estes sits at the podium with his classmates. They went over the notes they collected in the interviews, and began to decide what angles to use in their articles. "It was really cool to interview the athletes and hear their stories," Estes said.

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