Journey Log 4

For class this past week I had to do more work for my annotated bibliography. I had to search for sources to use for my paper. The annotated bibliography took a very long time to do considering how in depth I had to be for it but it did help read over the sources to make sure they are what I want to use for my paper. The assignments leading up to the annotated bibliography did help get ready for it but it has been a lot of work and very annoying.

In class we had to watch the episode that Oliver did about Trump. He discussed about the way he doesn't look u information and make sure they are factual and backed up before using them. I don't like Oliver but he makes a good point about making sure you know the background of what you are going to believe in the news or anywhere you read or hear information.

Having to do a paper and using many different sources to back up my findings is a hard process. Having to make sure everything is said with a basis and information to back it up is hard to find especially on the topic I am doing. It is a great learning opportunity because I haven't had to write a paper like this or a bibliography. It is a very tedious job but it helps to do everything in advance for the paper and not waiting to find good enough sources right before the paper is due.

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