by Eva van Gorsel, September 7th, 2020

"The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble."

- Blaise Pascal

Aragunnu is located in Mimosa Rocks National Park, NSW on Djiringanj country. In the park a songline can be followed. It leads to a large and beautiful midden.

Next to the midden we find this beautifully shaped tree. With a cracked branch it's shape is very temporary...

Where the midden is now there used to be an ancient lake. Where the ancient lake used to be a massive volcanic dome was pushed up through the lakebed.

The area experienced volcanic activity with 5 to 10 million years of underwater eruptions. Rising sea levels and wave activity continue to erode volcanic sea columns into quartz and quartzite pebbles that are today found along the shoreline.

We walked through remnant rainforest, including a Lilly pilli grove, and the smell of these pictured flowers was just incredibly beautiful.

We found ferns, moss, liken, cycads, coastal banksia and beautiful Bangalay trees.

We didn't get to see any whales this time but were lucky enough to find a fur seal sun baking on the rocks.

stunning, how much can be experienced in a single day

... and night...


Much of the information on Aragunnu is derived from the parks signs.


all images and text by Eva van Gorsel