Walter E. Diemer Dalton Avant

Walter E. Diemer was born on January 8th 1904 and died on January 8th 1998. He had no education. He was influenced to create bubble by someone else who created a type of bubble gum but it was made very poorly, it would break easy and it was very very sticky.

Walter E Diemer was born and raised in Philadelphia. He grew up living a very low life, not having much money. When he got old enough he stared working as an accountant at fleer. In 1926 the president of the company had an idea to make their own kind of gum. In his spare time, Walter would experiment with gum recipes and see how they tasted. One day he stumbled across a very unique gum recipe. The new gum he had found was a lot less trouble than the other kind of gum around, it was as easy to break and it was less sticky. He had an idea to use a salt water taffy wrapping machine to wrap up the little pieces of gum. He took them to a local market and put them out to be sold, the price on a piece of gum was 1 cent. He came across the name "double bubble" and began putting the little pieces of gum out to be sold to people. In his first year of selling gum he made 1.5 million dollars. By then he had a lot of money and according to his second wife Florence he would go around on a bike and give pieces of gum to little kids playing outside. He eventually became the Vice President of his and his former bosses business. He later died on his 94th birthday of cardiac heart failure on January 8th 1998.

Famous Quote: "I've done something with my life I made kids happy all around the world"

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