Kim Standeven Soul to Soul Intuitive Messages

What does SOUL to SOUL mean?

I am able to connect intuitively with soul energy. I offer messages of healing, validation and life path clarity.

It is my passion to connect and serve for the purpose of offering love and support.

I believe we were brought together for reason. I look forward to meeting, sharing and connecting with you and your spiritual team. With love, Kim

Package Options:

I have had the great privileged to be certified by and now be an approved partner and spiritual assistant of the amazing Carmel Joy Baird.

I am proud to offer a number of packages that will meet your needs. Please click the below button for specific details on the packages.

I am committed to offering the highest quality experience and value. Although, I cannot guarantee the messages you will receive, I will guarantee that you leave feeling satisfied.


You may notice I am wearing a leather jacket. This is my dad's and his spiritual guidance is the reason I stepped fully into my intuitive gifts and offer others an opportunity to connect with their loved ones and guides. He may no longer be here in body but my relationship with him is stronger than ever.


My grandpa came through in my reading with Kim which was a big loss in my life. Kim’s messages gave me comfort that he was aware of what was going on in my life and that I still have his support. Kim also was able to connect with one of my dogs. I always wondered and felt sad not knowing if he was ok. It was a few years of feeling unsettled because I didn’t have this awareness. The messages showed me he is OK and I feel a sense of closure and peace inside. It was so cool how the info came through, it was relevant and specific and clear. I knew it was a confirmation. Death is hard and Kim gave me comfort. I highly recommend having a reading with Kim. It feels so good inside. I absolutely loved it. - Fia-Lynn Crandall | Naturally Thriving CEO | https://fearlessfaith.ca
Kim is a gem. She's the real deal: very loving and kind, an old soul. Her readings are spot on, without being intrusive. I was blown away by what she was able to access in our session. Stuff no one else could possibly have known! She was so respectful of my feelings that came up and gave me the space to process them in the most loving way. If you're thinking of working with her, I say, absolutely! - Annie Pringle | Life Coach & Healer
During my session with Kim I felt a strong connection to a deep sense of wisdom beyond myself. Her guidance helped me tap into a deeper level of truth that confirmed I was on the right track. I felt more confident and she helped me find the clarity I needed to move forward in a healthy way. - Morna Haist | Revolutionary Woman CEO | http://mornahaist.com/
Kim Standeven - Soul to Soul Intuitive -

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