Garrett Valley A Higher Standard of Natural

Garret Valley holds all natural meat to a higher standard, the way natural is supposed to be — always humanely raised, with no antibiotics and growth hormones, and only with all vegetarian fed.

About Garrett Valley

Garrett Valley never cuts corners in raising their natural meat. In fact, they take extra steps to make sure the meat on your table is only the highest quality. This is at the heart of what they do.

The animals are never given growth hormones or antibiotics during their lifetimes, and animal by-products are never used in their all-vegetarian feed. Garrett Valley even makes sure farmers protect the purity of their farmland from pollution.

They never pump their meats with extra water to inflate their weight. It’s quality you can actually see — the bacon barely shrinks when you cook it.

They're meticulous about testing products to make sure they match their word, and they make sure certain USDA standards have been met or exceeded from start to finish.

Even their agreements with their partners are natural. Lou makes all of his deals with a handshake—it’s more valuable than any piece of paper.

Why do they do all this? Because it’s the right thing to do and the right way to do it.

When We Say Natural, We Mean It

Garrett Valley, a family-owned, family-operated company dedicated to selling only the finest all-natural and organic meats. Because they're independent, they can set standards of natural that are higher than the industry standard.

Unlike other Natural brands, Garrett Valley only sells meats that are all-natural to its truest definition—always free of added antibiotics, nitrates, nitrites, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. This is true now and from the very beginning.

Back in 2001, Lou Colameco founded Garrett Valley for one simple reason: he feared his children were eating too many overprocessed meat products that had no health benefits nor nutritional value.

Today, they're in business to make natural mean what you think it should mean.

Their Mission Is Clear


Dry Rub Bacon

  • CODE: 61149
  • Size: 10/18 oz

Dry Rubbed Paleo Pork Bacon

  • CODE: 61137
  • Size: 16/8 oz

Paleo Turkey Bacon

  • CODE: 61135
  • Size: 16/8 oz

Classic Turkey Bacon

  • CODE: 61173
  • Size: 16/8 oz

Thick Sliced Dry Rub Bacon

  • CODE: 61156
  • Size: 4/3 lb

Organic Dry Rub Bacon

  • CODE: 45778
  • Size: 16/8 oz

Peppered Turkey Bacon

  • CODE: 61174
  • Size: 16/8 oz

Classic Organic Turkey Bacon

  • CODE: 45776
  • Size: 16/8 oz


Hot and Spicy Turkey Snack Sticks

  • CODE: 60166
  • Size: 25/4.87 oz

Hot and Spicy Snack Stick Pack

  • CODE: 60166
  • Size: 6-32/1 oz

Turkey Snack Stick Pack

  • CODE: 60167
  • Size: 6-32/1 oz

Beef Snack Sticks

  • CODE: 60169
  • Size: 6 - 31/1 oz


Boneless Sliced Ham Steak

  • CODE: 64040
  • Size: 16/7 oz

Black Forrest Ham Nugget

  • CODE: 64045
  • Size: 6/1.75 oz lb

Canadian Style Sliced Bacon

  • CODE: 61180
  • Size: 16/7 oz

Sliced Black Forrest Ham

  • CODE: 64186
  • Size: 16/7 oz

Virginia Brand Sliced Ham

  • CODE: 64180
  • Size: 16/7 oz

Sliced Boneless Ham Steak

  • CODE: 64040
  • Size: 16/7 oz

Sliced Turkey Ham

  • CODE: 68041
  • Size: 16/7 oz


Smoked Polska Kielbasa

  • CODE: 68020
  • Size: 16/12 oz

Turkey Franks

  • CODE: 69900
  • Size: 14/12 oz

Turkey Andouille Sausage

  • CODE: 68310
  • Size: 16/12 oz

Andouille Sausage

  • CODE: 68010
  • Size: 16/12 oz

Beef Hot Dogs

  • CODE: 69020
  • Size: 12/1 lb

Large Bacon Bits

  • CODE: 60050
  • Size: 2/10 lbs

Small Bacon Bits

  • CODE: 61167
  • Size: 12/3 oz

Chorizo Sausage

  • CODE: 68030
  • Size: 16/12 oz


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