Wearable Technology the advantages and risks of this new wave of invasive Tech

Introduction to the Task:

In recent years the world has seen a rapid increase in the use of wearable technology. Wearable technology includes fitness trackers such as the FitBit and smart watches such the Apple Watch. This new wearable technology is no doubt a complicated topic as it comes with a range of social, ethical and environmental issues and benefits. In the following Adobe Spark presentation the advantages and disadvantages will be analysed and synthesised concisely. Also, a solution will be presented to ensure that that the benefits of wearable technology outweighs the negatives. Lastly, the CIPP criteria model will be used to evaluate the final product.

Let's take a closer look as to how they affect us socially, ethically and environmentally...

Analysis & Synthesis





Before beginning this task I didn't have much knowledge on wearable technology, I had no idea how popular and powerful it had already become. I gained a basic level of understand of wearable technology after watching videos on class about the the process Apple Watch developers use to create their apps. Watching this video sparked an interest in me and made me curious to learn more about wearable technology.

To create this Adobe Spark page I used resources provided at home and at school. This included programs on computers and iPads such as iTunes U, Dropbox and Pages documents. I also had free access to the necessary apps like Adobe Post, Adobe Video & Adobe Page. It was really helpful already knowing how to use these programs because we had learnt how to use this them in class beforehand. Also, with the capabilities of programs like Dropbox & AirDrop, sharing my files across multiple devices was made a lot easier. I also had access to internet all the time which helped me access the sources and because I made my assignment on my iPad I had the opportunity to work on it wherever I wanted, whether that was at school, on the bus or at home.

I ended up doing the majority of my work at home rather than at school because I found my home environment a lot more easier to concentrate in as it was a lot quieter and had less distractions. I often found myself talking with other students when I was in class but when I was I at home I was much more effective with my assignment. Another hinderance for me was the fact that most of the sources required for my assignment had been blocked at school! Thankfully this wasn't a problem for long because my teacher printed out the sources so students were able to have a paper copy as well. If any of us had any questions we were always able to ask the teacher or get advice from other students.

Overall, this was an interesting task and I learnt a lot about wearable technology. Overall, my environment and resources definitely affected me and were mostly beneficial to helping me complete my assignment.

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