Digital Citizenship Tracy Gonzalez

9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

1)Digital access- full electronic participation in society.

Everybody gets to participate in social media, and the internet, so nobody gets left out.

2)Digital commerce- the electronic buying and selling of goods.

you can buy things online as gifts, or just house hold items, you can purchase the items in store if they have it if not you can purchase it online.

3)Digital Communication - electronic exchange of information.

there are many ways to communicate there is texting, emailing, sending letter, Snapchat, Facebook ,Instagram, and Twitter.

4)Digital Literacy - process of teaching and learning about technology and the uses of technology.

if you don't understand something or if you need to find out what something means you can Google it or search for it on a website.

5)Digital Etiquette - electronic standards of conduct or procedure.

if you are going to be using the internet you'll need to have etiquette you have to follow the website's rules and respect other users.

6)Digital Law - electronic responsibility for actions and deeds.

if you own a website you need to be responsible with it make sure nobody is misusing it.

7)Digital Rights & Responsibility - those freedoms extended to everyone in a digital world.

everybody has a freedom of speech and freedom of using the internet the way they please, but sometimes you have to be wise with your choices.

8) Digital Health & Wellness - physical and psychological well-being in a digital technology world.

Make sure you're not always on the computer because too much computer time can hurt your eyes, and can cause issues.

9)Digital Security - electronic precautions to guarantee safety.

make sure you add security features to your website so that nobody hacks into it.



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