Leverage Getting More out than you put in; Using something to maximimum advantage

Give me a lever long enough and I can move the world (Newton)

With a lever, there is always a trade off.

Is Educational Technology just Social Media?

Are we more

or less


How can we use computers effectively, efficiently and appropriately?

Is being connected good or bad for students' experience?

Recently a student announced to friends on social media he was going to hurt himself

His friends called for help

He is getting the support he needs

Teachers are frustrated by distractors

But haven't they always been?

It used to be comic books

effective classrooms embrace differences


We have technology,

Can we re-build education?

Is teacher burnout caused or prevented by technology?

How can I...?


How can students...?

Maintaining balance is a skill that needs to be actively taught to both teachers and students

How's your Digital Intelligence Quotient (DQ)?

The DQ Institute can help you identify your DQ with respect to eight different domains of the digital world.


The DQInstitute aligns Digital Competencies with UN Sustainable Development Goals and OECD's Dimensions of Societal Well-being

Balance is a learned skill, and technology can help us solve technological, educational, and humanitarian challenges.
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Cameron Lumsden


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