Berlin, Germany Amelia and Rian

Our budget was $10,000

Flights cost $4153.28 return for 2 adults. Accommodation costs $886 for a 2 bed hotel room with Airbnb. We will allow $600 for food as the average cost for food per week is $280 per person. We will not get vaccinated and will avoid any food or drinks that could give us Hepatitis A. We have all other necessary vaccinations. Transport to and from the airport will be $40 total. We will travel by public transport the whole time we are in Germany. We will allow $100 each for tickets. We will spend $156.60 on travel insurance and $40 each on prepaid phones.

In total we would have spent $6105.90, leaving us each with $1947.05 to spend on whatever we want.

"What are we doing with our own money?" you're probably asking yourself. Well, we're about to tell you:

"I will donate all my money to He For She." - Amelia
"I will be donating my money to charity. Two charities in fact. I will split it evenly between Feel The Magic and To Write Love On Her Arms. The reason I am able to do this is I plan to stay in the hotel all holiday and read. :D" - Rian


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