Marilyn Monroe Influential Individual

Marilyn Monroe was an icon from the 1950's. She influenced many people and impacted many individuals lives. She changed the way women were pursued as. Her fashion style was unique in that time period and made her really stand out.


Why was Marilyn Influential?

  • She created her own look.
  • Individuals started to like the way she looked and copied her.
  • Her face is plastered on many items that we see today such as... T-shirts, posters, picture frames and more.
  • She was in 29 movies and was an extremely talented actress.
  • She was talented, funny, glamorous, and unforgettable.
  • Today she is still mentioned in many things. She clearly made an impact on the world with her appearance and the way she acted.
  • Even today people are taking the look that she first started. Today you see people wearing red lip stick and die there hair and are bringing back the clothing that she once wore.
  • Usually we see models who are extremely skinny today but Marilyn wasn't like that. She was wasn't embarrassed about her body which was very inspirational to many people.
  • She was original and unique in her own way.

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