Footloose: The musical

Gilliam Stage at Barter Theater

May 19 - August 12

Directed By: Paul Russell

This is a new stage adaptation that will blow your mind. This is an amazing story that will always be a classic story told by the actors on stage, because of the story being told. This being the best adaptation. They will be able to grow and be interested in the story being told and the music and dancing that will be told to get going. Watching Ren start from being an outsider in a town that does not allow to dance in public. Ren loves to dance and loves music. He slowly makes friends and teaches them how to dance and lets them listen to good music. This will be an amazing story that will be told and both adults and friends that will love this story and can connect to one or all of the characters.

Love. Loss. Fear. Insecurity. Growth. Acceptance. Renewal.

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