4B26 Michael Tracy My Trip To America

My name is Jeff fiddleton JR age 12 I cam from Ireland with my dad and my uncle bob and we lived on the first class. We were on the boat for 13 days we were on the boat but it felt like 30 days. My uncle bob never took showers so he got a disease but by all the money we had we were able to cure him. He had to get a needle under his i lid and he told me that he was OK. My mom went there before us with her dad but once we got to Ellis island my uncle bob got Ebola and died. His funeral was in new York it was pretty cool it was on Ellis island right by the statue of liberty.me and my dad went to the check in for the first time i ate with not gold silverware. i was exhausted after the whole thing i can literally take a nap for 24 hours.

1. It welcomes people.

2. There is a chain that it is stepping on.

3. It was built in France.

4. It was once in different places.

1. I liked the video's.

2. I like the audio.

3.The pictures were nice.

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