Top Ten Portfolio Joaquin Noguerol

Below is a display of the different products and activities that represent my progress in creating, processing, and executing innovative ideas. Each piece held a different kind of importance to me so they are not aligned in any particular order.

I. Hindenburg Crash Stop Motion Video

My groupmates and I created a stop-motion video representing the disaster displayed above. It ended up being a unique product for a few reasons. We made homemade subjects for the video using domestic arts and crafts materials, then shot the video in class. This project meant a lot to me because we made the video on a time crunch, and I mean that in a positive sense. I strongly believe that pressure and deadlines stimulate a unique, sporadic form of creativity so it was cool to see what we could do with little time and resources.

II. "How Might We...?" Childhood Toy Statements

This in-class assignment allowed me to think differently regarding the purpose and potential of creative learning tools. This was a perfect introduction to the 3D prototyping project because it allowed my group and I to ask the questions our group needed in assessing the application of our own ideas. I would consider my groupmates and I to be creative people, but these bottom line questions challenged us to accurately execute our ideas to our expectations.

III. Recycled Materials Sculpture, 30 Day Challenge

At first appearance this project seems odd, but I think this is the most representative product of the progress I have made in demonstrating my creativity. I always felt creative growing up and I always fidgeted with gadgets and toys, but I always had a tough time channeling this creativity on demand. This 30 day challenge really gave me the freedom to make a product using my surroundings so I decided to make a functional sculpture out of unwanted materials. The product was a wheel made out of recycled plastic packaging (that can roll up to 20 feet!).

IV. Empathy Journal

Pleasantly Surprising. That is how I would describe this experience. I learned so much about myself through observation of others. Going into this assignment I originally questioned the potential lessons that can come from trying to find empathy in daily observations. This assignment forced me to think about what empathy meant to me and where I would find it. I came to the conclusion that it becomes easier to find empathy for others whom we are witnessing struggle. That being said, I visited locations where individuals might challenge themselves and show vulnerability, either physically, mentally, or both. I realized how much I can relate to someone struggling to achieve a task.

V. Childhood Toy

This is by far my most personal piece. This assignment brought me to ask my father about his favorite "childhood toy". My father and I both have a deep passion for football (soccer, here in the United States), so when I asked him about his favorite childhood toy it was anything but surprising to hear him answer "una pelota". It was very emotional to hear him talk about his ingenious efforts to play soccer growing up in poverty. He and his friends used to stuff newspaper in old socks to make a ball, then used sandals as goal markers. These efforts were so inspirational to me when I thought about making a creative tool/toy that fosters simplicity and imagination.

VI. Days 21-30, 30 Day Challenge

During the final ten days of the 30 day challenge I decided to draw visual representations for each of the poems I wrote in the second ten days. I really enjoyed doing this because I was able to draw, an activity that both fosters imagination and forces one to stay within the limits of ability. I knew I was not a great artist going into this so I had to draw simple pictures that captured the heavy emotions and ideas of my poems.

VII. Toy Bear Group Activity

I really found this activity interesting because it frustrated me and demanded my appreciation at the same time. Lined around in a circle, our class started with one toy bear each and we had to exchange and pass bears left and right as instructed by the story (read by Dr. Apraiz). On paper, it sounds like an insultingly easy task but I really learned the importance of communication and chemistry when working with others.

VII. The Human Knot Activity

This activity was very similar to the bear activity in terms of collaboration. Our group had to discuss each motion and the steps to untangling all of our arms as we worked on that very task, so before progressing through each motion our group members had to visualize the untangling step by step. I realized how important it was to be sure of certain motions because that eliminated the complication later.

VIII. Chapter 11 Dimensional Thinking, Sparks of Genius Novel

This chapter was very important to my perspective in forms of intelligence and how it is applied. The use of time and scales can help in preparation for executing an innovative idea. Space and time can produce different emotions and feelings use solely the math and details behind a project, and I appreciate the delicate planning in areas like architecture and chemistry.

XI. Draw a picture that reminds you of home, 30 Day Challenge

I am really proud of this assignment for two main reasons. First, I believe this is a pretty good drawing and second, upon first glance I planned to do this activity because it was a really good chance to test my abstracting ability. I like drawing but I am not very good, so abstracting is a great way for me to draw a representation of something larger, like a nostalgic reminder of home. My brother and I played the FIFA video game all the time growing up.

X. Create an original word that is new with it's own definition, 30 Day Challenge

Permarhythmia- Noun- (Per-ma-rith-mi-ya)- A condition that prevents a person from staying still while listening to music of any sort.

There wasn't a lot of depth to this activity but nonetheless I am proud because I had the basis for this idea all the time growing up and one friend in particular provided the inspiration for creating this word. I tried to reach a little deeper when choosing the actual pronunciation for the word by using greek prefixes, roots, and suffixes.

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