Tour of the Harn Sean Plechy

Art and Core Values

This photo taken by Sebastiao Salgado depicting three girls holding hands as they endure the poverty that is so ingrained in their lives. This artist is well known for bringing attention to issues such as this one where frequent droughts force people to migrate away from their homes. I can only imagine how lost, confused and afraid these three little girls must feel in the face of the challenges they face. This artwork speaks to the value within me that screams that we should all try and cast off ignorance and be aware of whats happening in the world so that change can occur.

Medium of Art/Technique of the Artist

This piece of artwork is a Water Spirit Headdress that originated from the Ijo people of Nigeria. Seeing this in the museum as opposed to a picture was a different due to the fact that in person you could truly see and appreciate this handcrafted headdress and better visualize its use in the life of the Ijo people. The medium of work that the Ijo people use to honor water spirits was very distinct as it took the form of a headdress nearly five feet long. The work itself makes me feel happy because such culture still exits in this world and it is not appreciated as it should be.

Design of the Museum

The part of the museum that I found particularly appealing was the initial great room. The lighting in the room was a combination of white and blue light that generated an atmosphere that can't quite be described. However, that combined with the sheer size of the room somehow made it ideal to view the art. The room itself was almost designed with the same care and effort that the artist placed into their own works.

Art and the Good Life

This is a sculpture the dancing god Ganesh. He is known as the "finder of the way" who can break through any obstacle . This relates to the theme of seeking the Good Life that we studied earlier in the semester. The god Ganesh is an idol that people turn to when they are struggling in their seeking of the Good Life.

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