Project David baars

My name is John and I'm an aluminum miner in Arkansas. I'm moving from Arkansas to California in hopes of striking gold. I plan to leave via railroad

Gilded age

My name is Martha I'm a muckraker. I share a lot of views with Upton Sinclair

I'm fighting for workers rights no laws had major impacts on me


My name is Miola and im from hawaii. The

Usa annexed us to make a military base

World war 1

My name is Jay and I'm a solider in world war one. The trenches are harsh in the Argonne forest but we recently took several machine gun nests. We've heard about the 14 points and I support them because it would make diplomacy easier


My name is Jerry and Im an Anarchist. Im believe heavily in Luigi Galleani we didnt often use newer tech i do not purchase stocks

Great depression

My name is johnny and Im a factory worker after the stock market crash I lost a lot of money I was one of the lucky ones who still had a job and could make some money


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