Village of Pulaski By:elizabeth warrEn


  • Building and Land committee
  • Room Tax Commission
  • Fire Department
  • Economic Development
  • Labor Negotiation

The issue I choose is the building Land committee

This issue is about how they are discussing on whether they should build the Franciscan Printery Building in the Village of Pulaski. And where to put it.

What the local government is doing about it is that in the town meetings, are discussing, to maybe put it near the big Catholic Church, they are trying to move forward with the project and have needed ideas from the citizens of Pulaski, Wisconsin.

I would agree with any decision they make because if it was next to the big Catholic Church I think it would be pretty cool, it sounds like a large building.


  • Have not found an exact area for this building
  • Printery is for like the papers, or printing anything basically.

745 WI-32, Pulaski, WI 54162 = Town Hall Address

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Created By
Elizabeth Warren

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