SmartClick™ is five times faster to install than any other PE-RT or PEX fitting.

In seconds you have a permanent connection without using any tools. No measuring, crimping, cinching, expansion tools, or go/no go gauges are necessary when using this patented connection system.

SmartClick™ meets or exceeds all standards and requirements for potable water systems. It is for use in potable water plumbing and hydronic systems utilizing PE-RT (ASTM F 2769) or PEX (ASTM 876/877). SmartClick is patented. View our submittal here.

SMARTCLICK™ Configurations

90ᴼ Elbow

Reducing Elbow

Reducing Tee


Reducing Coupling


Reducing Adapter




Product Components

The major body components of SmartClick™ are constructed of extremely resilient polyphenylsulfone (PPSU). PPSU is commonly used to manufacture plumbing product components and fittings. The clamp and wedge are made of spring steel. Before activated by the inserted tube, the retention wedge and clamp are one piece. The tube seals onto the insert barb when the spring steel clamp compresses around the the outside of the tube. The sight glass allows for a visual inspection by seeing the wedge removed from the clamp.

Cut, Insert, Click

The Greatest Innovation

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