"Dr. Herb Wood Seminars" Internationally Attended Seminar Teaching the Gonstead Work

Valencia, Spain

For the first time in Europe Dr. Wood will be teaching the Gonstead Methodology. Don't miss this amazing opportunity and come learn from the best!

This is not part of the Boot Camp Seminar Series. Any DC/Student is eligible to attend.

For Questions and Registration Email Dr. Abel Montoro at MONTOROKIRO@GMAIL.COM

Up to 16 CE Credit Hours applied for through Sherman Chiropractic College Continuing Ed.

  • The postgraduate programs sponsored, co-sponsored or hosted by Sherman College of Chiropractic may not always reflect the views of the college or its employees.
  • Up to 16 hours of CE are available in select states.
  • Go here to see the list of states approved for CE Credits http://drwoodseminars.jigsy.com/ce-credits
  • VISA, Flight and Accommodations are NOT included in the pricing.
  • Invitation letter for VISA application will be provided.

Join us at Hotel Valencia Center in the beautiful coastal city of Valencia Spain which is next to the Balearic Sea/Mediterranean Sea!

Why Gonstead?

The Gonstead Concept of Chiropractic begins with a basic bio-mechanical principle of physics. The foundation of a structure (in our case the spine) is important in securing its integrity and durability. A slight change or shift in the foundation can cause a significant deviation in the upper parts of the structure and ultimately its collapse. One of the unique factors of the Gonstead Adjustment is aimed at the correction of the vertebrae on its disc. Not just the posterior joints of the bone you may hear popping while stretching or exercising. The Gonstead adjustments are specific as they only correct the misaligned vertebrae that is causing nerve pressure and not just the compensations of the misalignments.

Come and improve your skills and knowledge of the Gonstead System in the beautiful city of Valencia!

Valencia, Spain

Dr. Wood is one of the few remaining Chiropractors taught by Dr. Gonstead and authorized to teach his Work. A passion for over 44 years!

Spend the week after the seminar to refresh and enjoy the vibrant culture of Spain! Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and is known for the stunning architecture and beaches. Come Join Us!!!

If you are interested in attending more of my seminars, I offer them at different locations across the US, go to the link below to see the seminar dates and locations.

Keep scrolling down to enjoy some beautiful pictures of Valencia Spain!

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