The Struggles of Minecrafting Persistence

This week I built my sanctuary on Minecraft for Ramsay which was an actual struggle and a half. I decided to build Winterfell and started out by looking at a few examples online.

Not really sure why I thought I could do anything close to this

Once I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do, I started building the base in a decently flat place. Then when I was done with that I started building up walls and a moat, which is when I started to realize how big I actually made the thing and by then I was halfway through and there was no turning back. So I think it took me 4 hours to do just the walls and moat because I had to chop down trees and level out the surface and then there was a whole lot of random water under the surface which kept on flooding things. Also at one point I got lost under water, broke through into a random cave underground, got very lost in there, and then ended up way far away from my sanctuary which I almost couldn't even find so that was nice.

I also got stuck on a horse and couldn't figure out how to get off it so I had to stop working for a couple hours until that situation was fixed.

Pro tip: avoid these things at all costs

Then after the moat was done I realized that it was actually supposed to be ice so I sponged up the whole thing and had to put down ice which was real hard because I accidentally kept breaking pieces and then the entire area would flood and I'd have to sponge it up again and this happened probably at least 26 times.

Then my next issue was figuring out what was going to go inside the walls. I decided to build three towers at three corners, and then one barn/stable type thing with horses at the fourth corner. This part wasn't too bad because I was able to find templates online for the bases and then just build up. But then the thing with this was that it was a ton of blocks and my right wrist felt like it was going to fall off from clicking so much. Then I built a huge tower in the middle and that just took me forever because the thing was so big and the roof kept giving me issues.

Lastly, I added some little houses in there because there was a lot of blank space and put some decorations around. I thought the skeleton heads next to the door of the main tower were a nice touch.

Wow identical to the example!

Persistence is definitely the habit of mind of the week because this build was the actual bane of my existence and I think I'm definitely going to draw something for my historical monument.


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