Child Labor /forced labor By: Natalie B.

What is child labor?

Child labor is children who are are working, younger than the law permits, in organizations or jobs.

What is child forced labor?

Child forced labor is when the children are being obligated to work.



Around the 1700's and early 1800's , factories began using power-driven machines and children began to run them. They would work 12-18 hours a day for 1 dollar.

Through 1802 and 1878, Britain created laws that "shortened the working hours, improved the conditions, and raised the age at which children could work."

In 1938, "Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act." This allowed ages 16+ to work during school hours, 14+ to work in specific jobs after school, and 18+ to work in risky jobs.

Examples of Working Conditions

* Not healthy nor safe environments: Chemicals in the air from the machines or unclean bathrooms or rooms

*Lack of experience: Young children who might have had little or no education

*Working hours: Children would work about 50 to 70 hours a week at ages 7 or more

*Compensation: The children earned .40 to 1.10 dollars


This video gives an example of a daily routine for a child working in a factory or job.


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