The Olympic the boat that really sunk!

According to Mr.Gardiner, ''The ship that sank was not Titanic at all – it was Olympic, her sister ship, in what was planned as one of the world's greatest insurance frauds.'' The Titanic had more fame than it's sisters ship, The Olympic, which meant it was worth a lot of money. Of course, they(the company that owned the boat) didn't want the Titanic ruined, but they needed money. A not-so-good idea came to them, sink the Olympic and just rename it the Titanic. A bunch of members didn't go through with this plan, but most of them were on board. There's a whole lot of evidence pointing towards this fraud,so let's get into it!

  • The titanic had 14 portholes, while the Olympic had 16. When they found the boat it had 16 windows.
  • The United States ambassador canceled his reservation on the Titanic because of many rumors going around
  • On the side of the boat where it says Titanic was removable, but the Olympic wasn't. The Titanic's name was removed from the ship and put onto the Olympic. After the whole disaster, reporters found that there were letters that read P and I. Olympic also had P and I in it.

This is a picture of the Olympic, days before it sunk


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