The Boykin Heartbeat Boykin Spaniel Rescue Newsletter, Fall 2019

From the Desk of Jill Freeman, President

It's nearly the end of October already! Where has 2019 gone? We have been so busy with dog intakes. Lots and lots of intakes. And, we have been busier with more events and fundraisers than ever before which is in response to not only the number of intakes but to the number of expensive catastrophic cases we have taken in. 2019 has certainly had BSR hopping!

I have had the chance to spend time with so many of you at events and am so grateful for those opportunities to reconnect; and I know that the Board as well as Jeannine and Lynne feel the same way. We have also met so many people in person for the first time. We are truly very, very lucky to have so many friends supporting Boykin Spaniel Rescue and our mission on behalf of these incredible dogs.

I would like to personally thank the 58 Corporate Sponsors of Boykin Spaniel Rescue, Inc. We are so incredibly grateful that you have chosen Boykin Spaniel Rescue as your good cause. If you haven't had the chance to check out all the amazing businesses that support us, each of them are listed at the bottom of the newsletter. You can click the logo and it will take you to their website and they are also on our homepage. Please, let them know you appreciate them and all they do for BSR when you do business with them.

The Board is also very grateful to our newly seated and formalized Advisory Panels. We have a general advisory panel and a Veterinary Advisory Panel. Some of the best of the best, all generously donating their time and expertise to BSR. Their bios can be found on our website.

To our donors- my sincerest appreciation for always answering the call. Our midyear fundraiser was incredibly successful, raising over $24,000. We can do what we do because you believe in us.

And, to our volunteers. I am constantly amazed at the selflessness of this group of over 450 people. Every dog gets where they need to be. Every dog has a family. Every dog gets great medical care. Every dog is loved. Every, single one. Well done.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather! We are starting to plan for next year, and as you will see, we have a LOT of events already in the works!


Dog Care Update

Through September:

Intakes: 66 (39 Standard, 21 Long Term Care, 6 Permanent Foster Care)

  • Adoptions: 56
  • Owner Assists: 2
  • Senior for Senior Adoptions: 5
  • Average Age at Intake: 5.1 years
  • Heartworm Positive: 17 (new intakes are pending results)
  • Intact: 28
  • Rainbow Bridge: 7

Total Number of "Open" cases as of October 1st: 41

22 Dogs are in our Permanent Foster Care Program

BSR Receives "Platinum Seal of Transparency" from Guidestar as well as "Top Rated" Badge from Great NonProfits!

We are very proud to have received both of these seals. The Guidestar Platinum Seal is obtained when a nonprofit submits all the information required including financials, strategies and metrics. Many donors, grantors and funders look to Guidestar when making choices as to their good causes.

We are equally proud of our top-rated badge from Great NonProfits. This badge is earned when the community provides feedback which is considered positive.

BSR Participates in Shelter Animals Count!

Shelter Animals Count is a new, collaborative initiative formed by a diverse group of stakeholders to create and share a national database of sheltered animal statistics, providing facts, and enabling insights that will save lives.

The Boykin Rescue Sprawl

We Have Been Spread Out Seeing Old Friends & Meeting New Friends!

Buist Academy for 'Carolina Days', Nena McSween & BSR Alum Monty

Southeastern Wildlife Expo, Charleston SC

Southeastern Wildlife Expo, Charleston, SC. February 2019

Boykin Bash 2019

The Barrel, Folly Beach South Carolina

February 2019

Special Thanks to Jim & Jane Durieux, who host this event benefitting BSR. A fun time is always had by all!

Boykin Spaniel Nationals

Camden SC, March 2019

Thank you to the Boykin Spaniel Foundation for another wonderful event!

Palmetto Sportsman's Classic

Columbia SC, March 2019

Many thanks to Pat Watts of Hollow Creek Kennels & Joey Mines of "Outdoors with Joey Mines" for inviting us to join them at this wonderful event! We met so many new people!

Boykin Spaniel Spring Fling to Benefit BSR

Murrells Inlet, May 2019

Boykin Spaniel Spring Fling, May 2019. Agility Demonstrations, Dock Diving, Swimming and fun with LOTS of Little Brown Dogs! Our heartfelt thanks to Dayle Grimsley for coordinating and hosting this FUN event!
Forever Farm & Vinyard held a winetasting and funday to benefit BSR on September 21st!
"Boykin Heaven" Meet Up to benefit BSR at "Two-by-Two Petting Zoo" in Monroe NC on September 28th! A great time was had by all! Another is planned for Spring 2020!

Our 'Christmas in July' Online Auction was a huge hit!

Our heartfelt thanks to all of our Corporate Sponsors, Donors and Bidders. We raised over $5,400!
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Mark Your Calendars! Upcoming Events!
AKC Meet the Breeds December 14-15 2019 Orlando FL https://www.akc.org/sports/conformation/national-championship/
2020 Upland National Championship January 18th and 19th, 2020 Shadow Creek Farm, Ayden NC. https://boykinspaniel.org/pages/national-field-trial-info-/2020-bss-national-field-trial-dates
February 14-16, 2020 Charleston South Carolina http://www.sewe.com
Boykin Bash 2020 February 15 2020 The Barrel, Folly Beach South Carolina MORE INFO COMING!
March 27-29 2020 Columbia South Carolina. http://www.psclassic.com
2020 Retriever National Championship April 23rd – 25th, 2020 ​Camden SC https://boykinspaniel.org/pages/national-field-trial-info-/2020-bss-national-field-trial-dates
Boykin Spaniel Society Updates!

There are a lot of new Regional Clubs. Check them out and join!

Our thanks to Russell Scott, Chairman of BSS, for his permission to share this with you.


Boykin Spaniel Club & Breeders Association Updates!
I would like to introduce myself to BSR. Some of you know me and others I hope to get to now. I am the President of the AKC Boykin Breeders Club for the club year 2019/2020. I have owned, bred, and trained boykin spaniels since 2003. I am the owner of Brier Creek's Southern Kennels in Grovetown, GA. I am heavily involved in the field side of boykins in AKC, UKC, and BSS. I have transported several times for BSR and pulled from a GA shelter under my Dept. of Ag license. I look forward to continuing the relationship between the club and BSR , and have some ideas that will allow BSR to do some fundraisers through club events. Please fee to contact me with any questions. Marty Griner, President


BSR On Social Media!

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Rainbow Bridge
BSR Alum "Sugar", Loved by the Hatton Family
BSR Alum "Hope", Loved by Lynn Jacobs
BSR Alum "Gabby", Loved by Mary Boose
BSR Alum "Magnum", loved by the Moore Family
BSR PFC "Vivian", loved by the Luce Family
BSR Alum "Chief", Loved by Steve Trickett
BSR PFC "Addie", Loved by Jill Freeman & Todd Staudinger
BSR Alum "Lucy", Loved by Dorothy Rakowski & Carolyn Acuff
BSR Alum "Templar", loved by the Pauluso Family
BSR "Ruddy", loved by the Hopper Family
BSR Alum, "Tara Sue", loved by Ed & Ginny Back
BSR Alum "Baby Bear", loved by the Harper Family
BSR Alum "Coop", loved by Anthony Fullerton
BSR Alum "Duke", loved by the Williams Family
BSR Alum "Mattie Bell", Loved by the Taylor Family
BSR PFC "Lilly", Loved by Bill & Karen Rowley
BSR PFC "Doc Holliday", Loved by Steve Trickett
BSR PFC "Nora", loved by Lynne Brown
BSR PFC "Buddy Einstein", loved by the Tyler Family
BSR PFC "Buddy", loved by Tracey Smith
BSR Alum, "Ridge", loved by the Angle Family
BSR PFC "Suzie", loved by Steve Trickett
BSR PFC "Lily", loved by Pam Rodgers
BSR PFC "Handsome Harry", loved by Adeline, Kenny & Olivia Tucker

BSR Alum "Copper", loved by the Travis Family

BSR Alum "Maggie", loved by the Johnson Family

BSR Alum "Brownie", loved by the Pfeifer Family

BSR Tails- Our Volunteer Spotlight

Meet the Gosnell Family, Fosters to BSR PFC's Oscar & Gage

BSR took in Oscar as a PFC after he had ruptured discs. He had surgery, but unfortunately he has lost the use of his rear legs. The Gosnell Family jumped in with both feet, learning how to not only care for Oscar, but to make sure that his life would be happy and fulfilling. And boy, does he ever!

Oscar loves swimming, and he can truly be free to move!

Fostering for PFCs Oscar and Gage is truly a family affair. The family is led by Sean & Tami. The kids, who are Junior Volunteers for BSR, are right there helping-- Natalie, Isaac, Jacob & Charlotte.

From Tami and Sean: "When we first learned about BSR, we were in the market for an older, more broken in dog instead of a puppy. We looked through the list of available dogs at the time and none were a good fit for us. That’s when Sean noticed the application to foster the dogs. We got through that process and soon after we received an email. It was asking if anyone would be willing to take on a paralyzed dog. As Sean was reading over the email. all I could think of was how much work this was going to be. But, here we are, almost 3 years later and our Oscar is one of the absolute joys of our world. Oscar has overcome many, many obstacles to be the dog he is today. He is the most resilient, full of life and the most loving dog I have ever known in my life. Oscar has adapted to life so incredibly well it’s mind blowing. He waddles around and looks very much like a penguin when he’s making his rounds checking out everybody in the house!

"Oscar has a very uncanny sense of when one of the kids is upset over something and he “talks” to them by going and sitting right in front of them and goes nose to nose which often results in little hands wrapped around his neck and his sweet curly ears being damp with tears."

We are incredibly grateful to the entire Gosnell family for their incredible care of PFC Oscar & PFC Gage.

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