Point of View "To kill a mockingbird"

Atticus shooting Tim Johnson: from the point of view of jem

The whole street was locked down it looked like there was nobody livin in the whole block. Me and Scout could see the poor ol’ dog from behind the screen door. Cal is tryin to block our view but both of us are lookin under her arms cuz we don’t know what’s goin’ on. People keep talkin’ to Atticus tellin him to put the poor thing out it’s misery, but Atticus is bein shy or somethin. The whole situation in confusin me right now, why would they want my old father to shoot this dog when plenty of people can do it? My dad don’t even like guns, he wouldn’t teach me an Scout so how’s he gonna shoot this dog?? “One-shot Finch?” what in the heck are they callin him that for?? Atticus don’t even like killin bugs. I don’t know what my dad did before I came aroun’ but I sure as heck can’t see him shootin nothin’. These people must be confused, maybe they got the wrong guy or maybe they, BANG! Did I just see what I think I just saw..? I look over and Scouts got her mouth open and eyes locked on our pop, she saw it too. Atticus just took out Tim Johnson in one fast shot. One shot! Where did Atticus learn to do that?? What else can my father do that I don’t know about, and why hasn’t he told us? This day will sure change how I see my father forever. My dad, one shot Finch.

Scout, jem, and dill finding "gifts" in the tree: From the point of view of boo radley

The window is dirty, but I can see the outlines of my friends by the tree. I don’t know if they have found my presents but I hope they like them. I took a long time making my friends with soap. When they find the present they can keep it forever and always think of me. I wonder if the soap will make them like me more. I don’t think they would like me if they ever met me, they are still scared. Maybe if I keep giving them presents and showing them I care then maybe just maybe they will be my friends back. I don’t want to be friends with the rest of the town. Those people are mean and nasty, but my three kid friends aren’t like the rest. They don’t treat me or anyone badly. The mean ones don’t think I can hear them but I always can, there’s not much else to do in here so I listen to them. I don’t know who told them all the nasty stuff but I want to show them it’s not true and I am a nice man, but they are too far gone. My kid friends are the only ones still open enough, still pure enough to see me for me, and one day they will, I just know it.

Jem destroying Miss Debose's garden: from the point of view of Mrs Debose

That damn boy messin’ up my flowers. I am in too much pain and I can not go out there to fix them. Those flowers were the only color in my day. My daily struggle of addiction causes me endless pain and the last thing I need is that boy messin’ up my life more. I hear that Atticus is makin him comeread to me. Atticus is such a sweetheart. The only reason he is doing this is for my sake. He knows that if the young boy is readin’ to me, I won’t be tempted to succum to my addiction. That man is a godsend. I have been a slave to morphine for what seems like an eternity. That evil ironic drug. It is used to make humans feel better, but don’t feel good because each time you use it, it dulls and you need more. After a while you need a strong hit just to get out of bed. This drug wore out my body enough. My life is coming to a close and I refuse to die under the devil’s influence. I say die sick, but I will die free.

Cal Taking the kids to church: from the point of view of Jem

Wow, I didn’t even know there were this many colored people in our whole state. This room is full of them and I have an uneasy feelin’ that the spotlight is on me an’ Scout. I’ve never felt like this before and its making me feel not so comfy anymore. I look over at Scout and the is figitin’ in her clothes, she is just as uncomfortable as I am, maybe worse. Me an’ Scout are the only two light kids in here and it is definitely not a secret. All of these people are probly nice enough but I do not want to even find out. I want to get out as soon as possible.I do not like feeling so different from everyone else. I’ve never felt like this in my white town,but in this church, me and my sister are the odd men out. Maybe this is somethin’ like what the blacks in my town feel like, people always lookin’ at them funny and talkin’ ‘bout them. If this is what happens to them, it makes me feel bad for them. Always bein’ left out and if they feel like how i’m feelin’ it is definitely not fun.


This assignment really opened my eyes in the view of this book. It forced me to look at different situations through another character's eyes (not Scout). There are many interesting characters in the book and since it is based in the past, their philosophies and morals are very different from today's average society. The assignment caused me to feel compassion and empathy for other characters which can be fairly hard just because the whole book is jaded by Scout's point of view. I did not put myself in Jem’s shoes much because he was kind of linked onto Scout, but looking back and completing this assignment made me compare and contrast Scout and Jem’s views because of their ages and their different mental states. I liked this assignment because it forced me to think outside of the box and look at the story through another character’s eyes.


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