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Editor's Letter

Mrs. Jonnika Allen M.S. Ed, M.B.A.

Thank you for your interest in QRTM Digital Magazine. We hope that the content contained within will empower, educate, and enhance your kingdom. This is June 2019, Issue 03, and we are ready for the summer to begin. The theme of this Issue focuses on the scripture that reads “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:24‬ ‭KJV‬‬https://www.bible.com/bible/1/mat.6.24.kjv This scripture led me to think, “Am I compromising my Crown”? Compromising my reign as God’s Royal Heir? When I make decisions and carry out instructions am I doing it to please God? Or to please man? Daily I ask myself these questions. As a woman of many gifts and talents, owner of a few businesses; I must uncover how can I “hustle without compromising my crown”?

I have faced many challenges as a young, black single mother. For six years, I was a single mother because my eldest son’s father decided to abandon not only his seed but also his responsibility. Left without a choice, I rose to the challenge by having faith in God Almighty Jehovah that all would be well.

In order to get where I am today, I made a lot of sacrifices. I made many decisions yet I also learned when to refrain from taking certain actions. There were many opportunities to get ahead the easy way; however, those opportunities usually came with something owed or a debt to be paid. I remember my daddy always said “Don’t take any wooden nickels”. As I matured into a young woman, I added to that statement. “Don’t sell out for any nickels period.” How many times in life do you look back and truly examine yourself? What have you done in order to get a raise on the job? Or to gain a client contract, or to even just provide for your family? Upon personal reflection and evaluation, I considered the times I placed things, values, and (shamefully I admit) my morals in jeopardy to gain what I thought was meaningful or necessary to survive. And each time, none of those things I tried would suffice or be prosperous. So, I began to despise the feelings I felt, and the manner in which I handled certain things. Surely, God was not pleased with me or my actions. When I repented and turned away from those things, I began to detest anything or anyone operating in that manner. This is when I realized the power of God’s Word reigning in my life. Call it what you want, but for me, it was truly a conviction. Yes, when we know something we are doing or thinking is not of God’s order, the Holy Spirit will convict us. I hope that this testimony and the following pages help you to begin walking in discernment, for you cannot straddle the fence. Stand with the whole armor of God and you surely will rise above any challenges you may face.

-QueenJon Di Allen,

Queen Rising the Movement


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Editors Letter

Mrs. Jonnika D. Allen

The Interruption of Everything Vlog by Christy Love, contributing vlogger

Christy Love


With Corinne F. Johnson, QRTM Contributing Writer

Corinne F. Johnson

Featured Interview With Danita Tate

by Corinne F. Johnson, Contributing Writer

Ms. Danita Tate

Royalty Box

Royalty Box Unpacked with Elizabeth Durham, Goddess and Contributing Writer

Elizabeth Durham

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

Luke 12:32

Co-Editor’s Corner

With Author Teriece Cherell, Co-editor of QRTM Digital Magazine.

Author Teriece Cherell

Mindfield Complex

with Dr. Ashonta Wyatt Ed.D, Contributing Writer

Dr. Ashonta Wyatt Ed.D
Mind Field Complex Cultivation.

Featured Artist Spotlight Dj Stormy ATL

by Dr. Ashonta Wyatt Ed.D.

Featured Artist Spotlight Bianca "Beedy" Williams Celebrity Nail tech Entrepreneur and Business Owner

Written by Teriece Cherell, QRTM Co-Editor

Kingdom Builders

with Shakita J Stewart Owner of SJS Comprehensive Services, Contributing Writer

Mrs. Shakita J. Stewart

Chronicles of A Queen Rising

Featuring Realtor Pamela Landers

written by Jonnika Allen, Chief Editorial Director

Realtor Pamela Landers

The Queens Selection Artwork

Mrs. Amber Wilson, Photographer & Visual Artist

provided by Amber Wilson, Visions By Amber LLC. , Contributing Artist for QRTM Digital Magazine

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Written By Corinne F. Johnson @mommyrobotblog on Instagram


Don’t compromise your importance

The theme of this month’s issue is “A Queen cannot serve two masters: rise in your kingdom without compromising your crown". This is something that most women may not consider when thinking of self-care; however, it is an essential element.

Evaluating this theme at face value, one may initially believe that two masters are actually two people. As I reflect on this statement, I realize that anything that consumes your time or mind is considered your master. Whether it's working too much, devoting too much time to family, not sleeping enough, or allowing other people's visions to cloud your own. Anything that controls you and your actions constitutes itself as being a master. So today, I challenge you to evaluate what is controlling you or certain elements of your life. You know, that thing or things that deter you from really engaging in activities that makes you happy. Not everyone else’s happiness but your happiness.

One such example is taking care of everyone else in your life. If you are a parent or responsible for other people, you cook, clean, and adhere to the demands of other people’s schedule. Realistically speaking, if you have a great deal of responsibility, you are unable to completely release. Without you, it will probably fall apart. My advice is to not allow the ever-growing list of responsibilities to keep you from living the life you were designed to live. Just remember that inside of you is a greater calling, and now is the time to take self-inventory. Whether there is a business that you want to start, you need to pamper yourself, or you have not reached that level of mental and emotional advancement that you deserve. It is time to create some personal time in this picture.

Work is another example of a non-person master. Most of us work for a living. Whether you work in an office with coworkers or if you work from home. Work can sometimes demand unreasonable amounts of time, energy and focus. Work can become very addictive especially when there is a specific goal in mind. Once the goal is achieved you can reap the benefits and rewards of your labor, whether financial or in other ways. The bottom line is that there is a certain level of instant gratification that comes from working. It’s tricky because one can get so caught up in work as there is always another goal or level of success to attain.

Clearly, goals are necessary and important in life. Every person who wishes to progress forward should have goals to improve herself. The problem occurs when you are either constantly chasing those goals or removing those obstacles that you cannot enjoy time with your friends. You do not have time to spend with your family. You do not possess the energy to watch a relaxing program, full of trash and laughter because you have work tomorrow. In this particular scenario, work is your master. Because of work you cannot do other things in life that bring you great joy and satisfaction.

Remember, self-care is vital to regain the peace of mind necessary to be the best version of yourself daily. It may not be the same actions everyday but you should always make time to love yourself, to make yourself happy, or to bring a smile to your face. There is only one you and you are just as important as your laundry list of things to do. Never sacrifice your happiness or your joy for things that cannot return the favor. Love yourself enough to embrace that.

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vlog series by CHRISTY LOVE
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cThe Interruption of Everything Vlog by Christy Love @Black_excellence on Instagram

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9 But he said to me,

“My grace is sufficient

for you, for my power

is made perfect in

weakness.” Therefore

I will boast all the

more gladly about my

weaknesses, so that

Christ’s power may

rest on me. 10 That is

why, for Christ’s sake,

I delight in

weaknesses, in insults,

in hardships, in

persecutions, in

difficulties. For when I

am weak, then I am


Corinne Johnson, contributing Writer, had the honor and pleasure to interview Ms. Danita Tate owner of Chiquita’s Miracle Works and Chiquita’s Snack Shack. Her inspiring journey is one of strength, resilience, and triumph through adversity. Allow this interview to inspire the drive and determination within you to succeed. Sometimes we get knocked down but always remember to get back up and straighten your crown to walk in the direction God has given you. God is greater than any obstacle put before you so stand tall and wear your crown accordingly. You were born to REIGN!!

Danita Tate

"Don't Let Your Past Determine Your Future"

Written by Corinne F. Johnson @mommyrobotblog


Ms. Danita we’re so glad that you could be a part of this movement to empower women and educate women. We're so proud of you [as well], going forward in the face of adversity. You are [such an] inspiration to others. Thank you again for speaking with us today.


Okay. Thank you and you're welcome!


So if you don't mind, go ahead and tell our readers a little bit about what Chiquita's miracle works is about,


Chiquita's Miracle works was created in honor of my late sister, Attorney Chiquita Tate. She was my sister slash daughter. There was seven of us, she was number five and I’m next to the oldest. I am the one to raise them all because our mother was on drugs. [This] was during our childhood and coming up. So at the age of 15 turning 16 I became of mom of my siblings and so Chiquita was also like a daughter to me. Well she became an attorney.

She was the first in the family to graduate high school and also college. She was murdered in her office in the year of 2009 by her husband. She was stabbed forty-three times. Which literally drained the life out of me. So, every year on her birthday, October the 15th, I do something in honor of her. So last year in 2018 when her birthday came, I was like, I don't want to do a balloon release because the last one I did, [was on] February the 18th, the date of her death. It just, it took a lot out of me like no other time. [I didn’t want] to do another balloon release. So I was like, “God, what else can I do in honor of her?”

Rewind when she passed, I was her secretary. So when she passed, I didn't have a job and I was like right now my mind is not where I know I'm not focused enough to go work for anybody. So, I bought a franchise to Jani King and named it Chiquita’s Blessed Hands.

Okay. So [as I’m working on my accounts, I notice these hard waterline rings in the toilet. It’s so hard to get them out. I tried to figure out a way to get them out because seeing them bothers me so much] So, I started putting stuff together [to get rid of the ring]. [Anytime} I have a hard job, I would video myself and post it, you know, to get more accounts.

So as I was riding in October 2018, [Chiquita’s birthday was coming up soon], I was on my way to do one of my accounts. [I started thinking, Lord, what else can I do in honor of Quita this year because I don't want to do another balloon release. It was like instantly, God said, “Everybody is always inquiring about how you get those water rings out, so sell the supplies!”]

That was the first time I literally heard the Lord speaking to me. I was really shocked and I was like, “God, if that was you, I need confirmation.” Well, He did give me confirmation. Me being me, I asked for confirmation three different times and all three different times I received the confirmation. Yeah. So everybody that I told, they was like, yeah, do it.

I decided to just do it on her birthday that day to honor her legacy and her name. I made the post that morning of her birthday by three o'clock that day I didn't have enough to products to fill the orders. [The products sold out and] I could not keep up. People were constantly asking for them.

I made a bathroom cleaner that cleans the lines out of the toilet [as well as] soap scum off shower walls and showers and they both smell really good. I made a video of myself using it so people could see that I use it and it actually works. I also made a multipurpose disinfectant. People would call and tell me how it works better than fabric softener, microfiber sofa, clean carpet, for pet stains, and it smells great! They were using it for everything does everything with the end. I was in shock myself about the feedback that I receive about the Miracle Works. So like I said, it’s God it’s a miracle in itself.


Wow. That's amazing. Yeah. That's really amazing. And this was just last year, right?


Yes, last year. And I thought wow!


First, I want to say I'm so sorry for your loss. I have siblings myself and I could not imagine going through something like that. But I'm really inspired by your strength. Anytime something tragic happens to someone, I really start to wonder what pushes them forward, what pushes you past sorrow to move forward.


Okay. I've been having an adult and strong since childhood. So that's one thing. And another thing that I always tell people that when you, you felt like you've been neglected as a child and never shown love [turning to] drugs is an excuse. Because if that was the sole object for going through pain, I would be on every drug. I have to be only if it's going to get in. And one thing I never tried drugs because I'm like, if my mother liked it, if my sister like that, I'm gonna love it. So I don't track, I never tried it. And so my thing was to just keep pushing forward.

I've been to jail for shop-lifting for my siblings. One time we got a phone call saying child protective services were called on my mom for my siblings. When I say this, I'm not bragging, I'm letting people know what I have went through. I got caught stealing in one grocery store and they gave me on summons to go to court. I left out of that store and went to another store to steal a basket of groceries to put in the house so when the people come, they will see no one has been neglected here.


I noticed that you have to be a woman of faith. Just hearing what you say, you have to be a strong woman of faith. How has faith played a role in your life in difficult times to help you get out of those difficult situations?


[I had been to jail and sentenced unjustly. Then I had to start my cleaning business over from scratch. There was no way I could have made it through those situations without God’s Grace.]. In 2017, my fiance dropped dead right on my sofa next to me with an aneurism. I’m like, Am I being punished though? What is going on? How much more can I take? It seems to me that you have more faith in me than I have in myself. I just don't know. I just keep going. I have bad days, good days, I might cry and my faith might waiver for a little while, but I pick myself right back up and say , “Devil, you are a lie” Then after about five minutes of a pitty party I’m like “lets roll, lets get it”


That’s what's so inspirational about your story. I know that our readers are going to find inspiration in that because women are going through things day in and day out. We don't know what everyone's going to through, but I know that your stories are very inspirational to them. If I can switch gears just a little bit, because your sister's story is a very interesting story to me because when I was watching the video and you were saying that she was a victim of domestic violence, but y'all had no idea. Right?


Yeah. Right.


So my question when I was watching that was what are some of the signs that people can look out for or that you noticed in hindsight that somebody may have that may have given you a clue?


Okay. If your relative tells you something and they cover it up.

One day Chiquita called and said her husband was trying to break her arm. So all of us jumped in the cars and went to the house. It was about three cars deep. They answered the door saying she was just playing. We didn’t find out until his murder trial how bad that night really was for her. We heard the 911 call and It just took all the life out of me]


Okay. So in that situation, so when people are looking for signs and you say, believe them when they tell you something, right?


[She called me the day she died] She was like, “yeah, I don't think got to do the marriage thing. It's not for me. And I was like, Ugh, whatever. Bye. And I hung up because I knew she was gonna call me that night once you finish court. I never got that call.


Wow. So what do you, what would you like our readers to take away from your sister's story? What, what should they learn from her story?


As far as the domestic part, If a man threatens you leave. He doesn’t even have to put his hands on you. Leave. I don’t underestimate anyone. Do not stay one it starts, its not going to stop. “Sorry” is just a word they use. I’m sure [my sister’s husband] told her he was sorry too.

We always wondered why my sister didn’t tell us. Maybe it was her pride because we knew her as the outspoken one. Maybe she felt like she couldn’t tell us because of how we would look at her but if she would’ve told us it wouldn’t have ever happened again.

And so I'm not right for this date to this date. I really feel guilty for not being in there.


What would you like our readers to learn from your story. What do you want them to take away?


Do not let your past determine your future..and that's my motto. Well, not necessarily, I don't care what you do or what you have been through. As long as God spares your life and there’s breath in your body, that’s another chance to move forward.


The theme of our magazine for June is a Queen cannot serve two masters rise to your kingdom without compromising your crown. What does that mean to you?


Always pray for direction. You have to be still to listen because he's gonna answer you. You pray with an open heart, he's going to answer you in one way or the other. It might be through people, music, and he definitely speak to me in dreams.So you get your directions from God first first and never, never let nobody knock your crown off your head. They are gonna try. They like crabs in the bucket. They will try to pull you down whenever you feel yourself sinking or you feel like you’re falling, pick yourself up and keep striving. Pick your crown right up and hold your chin up and do what you need to do. Cause that's what I do, daily.


Well thank you so much Ms Danita. It's been such a blessing and such an honor to speak with you today. Thank you so much.


And thank you for having me.

Chiquitasmiracleworks@gmail.com or Call 225-229-3207 to order

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Royalty Box Unpacked

Written By Elizabeth Durham @Luelladvlle on Instagram


Shadow Side and Light Side:

Finding the Balance to Embrace Our Inner Demons and Conquer Them

The concept of a dark side and a light side is as old as humanity itself. Just as there has always been the Sun to both contradict and compliment the Moon; human beings possess a great power for love, creation and nurturing, and an equally great power for hate & destruction. Most ancient religions and shamanic practices centered on bravely facing all aspects of one’s nature, and the journey of knowing oneself. Therefore, the deliberate ignorance of one’s dark side was considered as taboo then as it is now. Most modern day religious traditions have stories which describe a central theme of humanity battling his own nature, his light side versus his shadow side. Yet we are told that any emotion not totally positive is bad or even demonic. It’s no wonder why we are so afraid of our nature!

Famed psychologist Carl Jung first coined the term “shadow side” to describe the aspects of human nature that we are taught to suppress in our childhood. Since the 1970s, popular psychosocial paradigms ingrained in our society are that we must always be positive, choose ‘happiness’ even in depressing circumstances, and shun any sort of negativity of our emotions. Any acknowledgement of weakness is ignored and swept under the rug. But how effective has this been at helping us grow as human beings?

Before the 1970’s, depression was considered a rare condition. Most people visiting a psychologist or counselor were being treated for anxiety. By 1975 people were being diagnosed with and treated for depression at the same rate as anxiety. Perhaps this explains the positive thinking paradigm shift that took place in the early 1970’s. By the 1980s, depression diagnosis had skyrocketed by 300%, becoming the most commonly diagnosed mental illness in the United States. “Don’t worry be happy”, “Hang in there”, and “Go with the flow” were all common phrases during this decade. Self help books flew off of shelves. Exercise, meditation, nutrition and eastern philosophy suddenly became popular culture. People tried to find new and healthy ways to deal with the onset of negative emotions from a rapidly changing world. And over the last 50 years, the more we developed strategies for staying positive, the further we travel from the ultimate truth: EVERYTHING must be in balance, too much of ANYTHING is not good for you. And that includes positive thinking.

Why is embracing your shadow side, the dark aspects of your personality that make you uncomfortable and aware of every part of yourself, so important? Because self-awareness and uncomfortability are essential components to true personal growth and enlightenment. Without facing and accepting the negative aspects of our nature, we cannot grow through the challenges that we face. When we choose to remain ignorant of the uncomfortable aspects of our personalities, we refuse to accept our pain as an important part of our growth process. Thus, we become fragmented and disconnected to our spirit. This creates an energy vacuum that must be filled. It may manifest itself as an illness in the body, literally making you sick or even killing you. Or as a more severe form of mental illness impossible to ignore or cure with motivational quotes and exercise. More than likely it keeps you stagnant, in a state of perpetual despair or elation, depending on whether the day was good or bad. The phrase “The truth always comes to the light” couldn’t be more accurate in regards to embracing one’s shadow side. Living our own individual truth requires absolute honesty with ourselves. This cannot be done if we are walking around pretending nothing is wrong, when inside we are in turmoil. But it also doesn’t mean wallowing in every negative emotion that we feel. Below are some strategies to help you find balance.

Be in the NOW: We spend most of our waking lives either living in the past or preparing for the future. Embrace that neither actually exist. The only moment that is real is the one we are currently living. Yesterday already happened and tomorrow may never come. Embrace that truth, and face what is directly in front of you at this very moment. Use all of your senses to experience the NOW, everyday, all the time.

Understand that you are not your emotions: The fact that you can observe yourself and the way you are feeling is proof that you are not just a brain walking around in a body. You are a spirit having a human experience. When you experience an overwhelming emotion, positive or negative, just allow yourself to acknowledge where it is coming from. This is crucial to knowing oneself because when we are honest about who we are, we can no longer hide from what we need to change.

Practice gratitude: When we truly appreciate our life it becomes harder to wallow in the negative and easier to observe a negative or positive feeling for what it is: just a temporary feeling that won’t last. Cultivate a habit of thanking the Universe for everything you appreciate, no matter how small, and you set in motion a chain reaction of abundance.

Be accountable: We often look for things to be miserable about, thus creating our own negativity that we feel responsible for getting rid of, which usually results in us victimizing ourselves. We either blame an outside source or blame ourselves for not being “strong enough” to overcome it. Take back your personal power by being autonomous, and accept responsibility for your own well-being and healing.

Prayer and/or Mediation: allow your Higher Power, whatever you call it, to carry your burdens. Pray for the strength to love yourself in all your imperfect complexity. Pray that you can learn to forgive yourself for being human. Connect with Spirit to discover what you need to begin the important inner work of healing and enlightenment. Use meditation to connect with your deepest inner being. This will help you get to know yourself on a more deeply spiritual level, which is essential for any sort of spiritual work.

google-community church.

None of this means to wallow in negativity and shun positive thinking. This is about being real with oneself and embracing our struggles in a way that creates solutions. None of this is possible without a strong foundation of self-love and a desire to know oneself. We must stop punishing ourselves for being human and embrace our complexities. So let’s take the time we need to care for ourselves and heal those gaping wounds in our souls, so we can face our shadows and laugh.

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Royalty Box is a monthly subscription box filled with essential products for women. Via crate joy.

The products are provided by women owned businesses .

Our goal is to provide items that builds up self esteem and promotes self love.

Royalty Box is a product of “QRTM” Queen Rising the Movement digital magazine .

QRTM also donates supplies to homeless and domestic violence shelters for women and kids; and provides individual support to underserved women.

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The Young Rising Queens Cotillion event is the culmination of the 12-month Leadership Team Academy and the dedication of the participant graduates into the Global Business Society.

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth-Bible

King James Version (KJV)

Crown Copyright in UK

Co Editor's Corner

My name is Teriece Cherell and I am excited to join QRTM Team as the Co-editor. QRTM is heating things up with several stories of women who have changed the way that we view trials and tribulations. Women who are unique, bold, brilliant, and know who they and what they bring to the table!!

When evaluating this month’s theme, several things come to mind. I think of my personal beliefs and values, morals, honesty, what is and what is not acceptable to me. I think about being authentic, completely, and unapologetically me. I reference Chapter 8 in my book, Live, Learn, Love: With an Open Heart where I address being true to myself. It is about knowing, accepting and appreciating who I am, along with my strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. It is about discovering my purpose and passion while allowing myself to flow in it. Being true to myself means living life on my own terms, not based on someone else’s standards but by the standards of God and what He placed inside of me. I have learned to not only accept but to embrace my faults, flaws, and failures. I realized that my imperfections are what makes me perfect.

In today’s society, we are plagued with the superficial idea of being beautiful, successful, and famous. Sometimes we find ourselves or others we know willing to compromise, settle, and even sell their souls for the chance at fame, fortune and being popular. These special women featured in this month’s issue have all gone through things in their life and careers yet they have remained true to themselves, God, and managed to maintain their sanity in the process.

We are Queens Rising The Movement!! Welcome Aboard Queens, the journey to your kingdom has begun!!!

Teriece Cherell

Co-Editor & Author of Live, Learn, Love: With an Open Heart


Written by Dr. Ashonta Wyatt Ed. D.


The Hijacking of Public Education: What About the Children?

In the current landscape of public education in New Orleans, privatization gave birth to the first 100% charter district in the state of Louisiana. The birth of a 100% charter district meant sudden death for traditional, school board-operated public schools. Although charter schools are publicly funded, each charter is a privately operated, fully autonomous self-governing body that functions with minimal oversight or accountability to tax paying citizens, community stakeholders, families and the Orleans Parish School Board. Although the Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) is an elected body comprised of individuals entrusted to govern the operational functions of schools, the charter movement has minimized OPSB to a mere authorizer of charter applications. Although each of the elected officials of OPSB are public servants, many of them are using their power, position and influence to serve their own private interests, essentially trying to serve two masters: public trust or private gain. In the current landscape of privatized public education, Charter Management Operators (CMO) are in the driver’s seat, OPSB is riding shotgun and our children and teachers are passengers being taken for a ride--thanks in part to OneApp and At-Will. Teachers are being bullied by At-Will employment and children are being bamboozled by OneApp. Meanwhile, school leaders and school board officials are straddling the fence between what’s best for children and what’s best for their pockets. It’s time for them to get the message: Schools are for children NOT for profit!

At the epicenter of this faux school reform debacle is the two-word career killer: AT WILL. The concept of AT WILL may seem insignificant in some spaces, but in privatized public education, these two words are deadly. AT WILL is often used as a personal weapon to arbitrarily sabotage the professional careers of those who fail to conform to the charter reform. What AT WILL did to the sustainability of teachers and the ability to have a voice, OneApp did to the sustainability of neighborhood schools and the reality of school choice. OneApp is centralized registration system that gives parents and children the illusion of school choice. In fact, the only choice for families is the choice of listing up to 12 schools on the application. If there are more students than there are quality seats, a One App algorithm will not solve the issue of placement. Furthermore, parents and children possess no real choice in the school chosen by the OneApp algorithm. Smoke & Mirrors.

Public education is under attack and silence equates to complicity. As educators, we must find our voice to speak for the most vulnerable among us- our children. No longer is it enough to simply be outraged, we must be involved. No longer is it acceptable to “straddle the fence” it’s time to choose a side. There is a systematic hijacking of public education that has saturated Orleans Parish. As parents in the collective village, it is our duty to demand that we have real choice to ensure that EVERY child has a quality seat in a quality school that holistically nurtures the WHOLE child. Choice is not choice if the parents are not the ones choosing. There is significant financial and political gain in the illusion of school choice, which is simply privatization disguised as reform. Choose to resist the reform.

Featured Artist Spotlight

Written by Dr. Ashonta Wyatt E.d.D., Contributing writer

From the BIG Easy to A-Town: Let’s Go Inside the Eye of the Storm

with DJ Stormy Monroe


Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana; DJ Stormy, she is a great talent based in the Atlanta area. The ultimate renaissance woman is the perfect way to describe DJ Stormy. This multi-talented beauty most recently appeared as the star of OWN Network's hit show "Ready to Love" hosted by Nephew Tommy. As a domestic violence survivor and advocate, Stormy has made it her mission to empower women of Atlanta and beyond to teach them that the love they should always be ready for is self-love. Before television, Stormy made a name for herself as an international DJ and recording star. Her skills know no limits or boundaries; from spinning on stages at Essence Fest, to being recognized as the only female EDM/Hip Hop DJ in the International Core DJs and being named as the U.S. Carnival Ambassador, Stormy is an entertainment powerhouse.

Queen Rising the Magazine (QRTM) welcomes 2019 Boss Babe of the Year Award Nominee, DJ Stormy Monroe.

QRTM: Talk to us about doing the work with a purpose and the idea of dancing to the beat of someone else’s drum. What we love about you and we think is dope about you is that you seem to dance to your own rhythm.

That’s the story of my life! -DJ Stormy

QRTM: Just give us a little background. We are very interested in the name Stormy. We think there’s a story there and we want to hear about it. Catch us up. Who is Stormy?

DJ Stormy: I am DJ Stormy, DJ Stormy Monroe. I am originally from Trinidad Tobago by the way of what I call my home state, New Orleans, Louisiana. Algiers to be exact. That 1.5. I came to Atlanta by way of Hurricane Katrina. Like many of us (evacuees from Hurricane Katrina), I left New Orleans with two days’ worth of clothes, unfortunately those two days turned into a week, that week turned into months before we realized that Hurricane Katrina was a true disaster. Atlanta is a great city; it is the southern mecca. It is a melting pot of a little bit of everybody: Caribbean people, Northerners, Southerners, West Coast people, everybody comes to Atlanta. So, when we got there and evacuated, they literally identified us as “you from the storm” not evacuees, not by our names, that was just the general title. I started playing football back in 2013 not 2014, years after Hurricane Katrina. I didn’t want people to confuse my identity with what was on the field and who I was portraying. There’s no alter egos in Stormy. Stormy is exactly who you see, that is me. It’s so much me that I wanted to change my name to Stormy-legally just because I feel like it represents and anything about me. So, being in Atlanta playing football, I needed to come up with a name and the first thing that came to my mind was-Storm. I was sitting there with my mom and I was like, ‘Mom, what do you think about Storm?” She said, “yeah, what do you think about Stormy?” I was like, yeah that adds some feminism to it. I like that, and everybody was calling me Storm from X-Men anyway because I had this platinum blonde curly mohawk. So, I said, “you know what, that is it! That’s who I’m going be called.” I added in the ATL because an entertainer Atlanta birth the entertainer of me. Atlanta gave me that platform. Stormy truly comes and is completely originated from New Orleans, completely tied to Hurricane Katrina and the devastation that we endured emotionally, mentally, physically. The ATL from a social media standpoint, that’s how I pay homage to Atlanta because without Atlanta the entertainer piece of me would have never been able to have the platform like I have now. Atlanta embraced me and showed me love, but I’ve always “repped” New Orleans, New Orleans is where I’m from. New Orleans is my home. I’m “Trinny” to the bone, that’s where I was born, but New Orleans has always been home to me so that’s how I came up with Stormy ATL. It has a whole lot of meaning. I was kind of going in as the “perfect storm” because coming from where I came from in New Orleans, I felt like that was perfect way of combining my being raised in the “hood” and now I’m in corporate America, it was the perfect blend and mesh like creating the “perfect storm”.

QRTM: Stormy seems to suite you to perfection because you have an infectious spirit. Your aura is big and bubbly. Having the infectious spirit and a big bubbly aura, do you find that it’s hard to be in the entertainment world and not have this idea that you have to “serve two masters” or be two different versions of yourself to be successful?

DJ Stormy: In the entertainment world, I deal with a couple of demons and devils out there. Mainly, the biggest part I find difficulty with is being female, being a woman, being a woman with integrity, being a woman that has morals, being a woman that wants to see other women succeed, and build and be powerful and be loved and show the love, that’s really what I deal with every single day. Just being a woman in the entertainment industry, I have to work even harder. In corporate America, I did the exact same thing. I was a young, Black woman and I was sitting at a board table full of people-Caucasians mainly, and I’m the one sitting there buttoned-up, while everyone around me is sitting in there with khakis and a polo. They didn’t have to prove themselves as hard as I did and that duplicated right over into the entertainment industry except its so male dominated, especially in Atlanta. When I sat across from men, they found me attractive and then they wanted to do business and the business lunch turned into a possible date and I was like, “no” and then I’d lose a lot of business from the business side because they didn’t want to proceed because I said, “hey, if this is not about business, money or moving a project forward, then I don’t want to have this conversation with you at a private dinner. It makes no sense, we are talking business” So, I’d say 70% of the time I was turned away or it never bubbled into anything just because I was a woman. I was an attractive woman and they wanted to do more than just have business with me. That’s the hard part. I lost out on a lot being a female in the entertainment business, but then when I transitioned over to being an artist, that was even more because I was in a niche that most people of color, they don’t follow Electronic Dance Music ((EDM) here in Atlanta and in the South. EDM is huge globally, it’s huge in Vegas, California, New York, Chicago because this is where everything was birthed from a US perspective. Going into becoming an artist, I’m from New Orleans, I know bounce music, I know very hardcore rap music. From Fila Phil and Joe Blakk and Code 6 and Ice Mike and Tre 8 who I grew up around and managed when I was in college. This is the rap that I know so when I wanted to become an artist finally, that’s the angle I took, but it was so aggressive. So, I couldn’t put myself, from a business perspective, in a position where my career and the longevity of it would probably be zero. It would be zero. So, I needed to create a niche and the niche was EDM infused with hip hop, which is what I love, which encompasses all my New Orleans music and the EDM encompasses all the different subgenres. Plus, it encompasses pop music, which is huge now. It blurred the lines between hip hop and EDM, so that’s what I did. I released an album in 2016 called Venom Kisses, it’s still available on all platforms. I had to create a lane to make myself want to proceed in this business without dealing with those devils and I still had an issue because people weren’t comfortable with this music. I was kind of ahead of my time, that sound, they didn’t know that. So, I was fighting an uphill battle. The easy thing for me to do was to either get in really good or have a boyfriend that was in the industry or try to get the easy way of going in it, but that’s not me, that’s not how I’m wired, that’s not how I’m built. My two things that I always go with, that I tell everybody including all my mentees when I speak at the Boys and Girls Club is 1) everything that I do I go against the grain. I don’t want to be, look, sound, feel-nothing like anyone else and 2) everything that I do, it has to be bold. I have to do it boldly. That doesn’t mean get out of character, but I have to do it boldly. I have to be me. I have to be unapologetically me, but that is a problem for a lot of people in the industry because now you have the other women who now become jealous and envious because now, I am this bold personality. That was how I was finally able to shake the corporate America businesswoman off me so you can see who I truly am to the core. So, you have the women who envy you and you got the industry that is kind of scared because they don’t know this (EDM-Hip Hop infused) type of music. They know hip hop, rap, trap even New Orleans music-if I put a beat behind anything, they weren’t listening to that back then, they didn’t want to hear it, they thought we had our own culture. So, trying to do all these things without losing who I am as a person or changing how I was wired, I can’t do that. I am who I am. That has been a huge challenge that I face every single day. Every single day my publicist faces this challenge because we are always trying to figure out ways and angles that people can accept Stormy and what to bring to the table professionally and as an artist. Everything I do, I’m on time, but people don’t value that in the entertainment industry. They don’t value punctuality. They don’t value a woman coming here to do business and to talk money and bringing her own money to the table. They don’t want to see that. So for me, I have to do this for myself and I also have to do this because I want to show other women in the industry and young girls who look up to me, that its ok to be you. It is ok not to show your ass, it is ok not to be over sexualized and still make money and still get booked and still proceed and progress in this entertainment industry. It’s a struggle because all we have right now is images of the Cardi Bs, who is hugely and widely talented, but is that what I want my daughters to look at and say its ok? Absolutely not! Absolutely not! So, fighting that battle has always been an uphill battle for me and it is something that I face every single day, but one thing I will not do is curve or bend, I will not put my integrity out there. When it comes to my brand, I’m at a point in my career that even if I’m going to say no to a lot of money, I have to say yes to what I stand for, I have to say yes to what my mission, my vision and what my brand stands for. I have lost out on a lot of money. I have said no to a lot of things and I continue to say no. That’s not an easy place for a lot of people to be in.

QRTM: It’s not an easy place to be in, but it brings us to this idea that, “all money AIN’T good money”. You can compromise, you can settle and lessen yourself to make the money, but when the money runs out, you have to still look in the mirror and be ok with what you see.

DJ Stormy: Exactly!

QRTM: What you are doing is phenomenal and the way you’re doing it is phenomenal because in a sea of women who all want to look the same with the manufactured bodies and their not thinking for themselves, it's refreshing to see someone, a female at that, a woman whose unapologetically herself, through and through genuine-our girls need to see that. Our boys need to see that because they are confused about what a woman looks like, what a woman is supposed to represent, what a wife is supposed to represent. They’re confused because of what they see, and they tend to treat women in a manner they believe is ok because of what society puts out there. I’m glad that you are one of the voices giving a counterargument to that.

DJ Stormy: I appreciate that. It’s just so difficult, especially when you are trying to make progress in this industry. You have so many avenues that are open, it’s like a platter, like a buffet table that you can easily access and get quick gratification, quick followers, quick money. There are so many opportunities that just dangle in front of you, but for women who are trying to make a difference, we have to swallow the bullet sometimes. We have to actually make the tough decision that won’t get us the quick followers, the quick hits and that’s hard. That’s a hard pill to swallow, especially when you are doing this as a living and you’re so passionate about things. When you’re really trying to send a message and you create a platform that is positive, embracing, supportive platform for men, women, kids--people in general. That’s a hard pill to swallow when you have easy access, easy resources at your disposal, but you have to bite your tongue and do the right thing, say the right thing, act the right way for people to understand. Appearing on Ready for Love on the OWN Network was a platform that showed me in a positive light on a show that went to #1 on that network, which for me, I counted as a win. For a positive reality show to be out there, yes there was some entertainment and nonsense, but I was only minimally affected in a negative manner compared to everybody else-that’s a win. Small wins and small nuggets like that keep me going because they don’t come often, but when they come, we have to be prepared to not take the easy road. That is what everybody seems to be doing is having this easy road, this easy avenue, this easy lane that they think is going to get them to the next level and it ends up pushing them back ten spaces.

QRTM: We’re glad to see you going against the norm.

DJ Stormy: As a woman, as a Black woman and anybody that’s in the entertainment industry, not even talking about the social issues, but just in the entertainment industry, that’s a hard bullet to swallow every single night.

QRTM: We’re glad to see you going in that direction. Do you have any projects in the works that our readers should look out for? Anything coming up?

DJ Stormy: Yes, a couple of things. I have my own yacht party, an all-inclusive yacht party on Lake Lanier, here in Atlanta on Memorial Day. It’s called Wet Atlanta. I’m acting, currently signed to an agency called, GILL TALENT. I’m taking a lot of supporting role auditions and speaking role auditions, which is absolutely amazing. I haven’t landed one yet for this year, but I feel like its right around the corner because I keep getting the auditions. I see myself, in the next five years, on the big screen or on a television series consistently-that’s my goal. I will be in the Tiffany Haddish and Selma Hayek movie, Limited Partners, which will be out at the beginning of next year. I had the opportunity to have a small speaking role and it opened up a lot of doors for me and I played myself. I played, Stormy the DJ, which was so cool because where can you go on a big film and play yourself and not have to play someone else?

QRTM: That says a lot about your brand.

DJ Stormy: Yes! It’s another win for me and because of the show on OWN produced by Will Packer, that opened up a lot of doors for me with him as well. I’ve grown close with Mr. Packer and the OWN network and the producers and I’m creating my own content. I am in a phase right now where I’ve pitched a show that I created and the producers and agency picked it up and so I’m self-funding, not just the pitch, but a complete reel, almost like a pilot. We’re pulling in everybody across the world, internationally for the cast. I’m just continuing to build.

QRTM: You are booked and busy. We are so thankful that you made time to talk with us. What advice or words of encouragement do you have for our readers, specifically our young girls who are still trying to find their path, find their purpose and live their passion without compromising who they are or without trying to be two versions of themselves—without straddling the fence? What advice do you have for our readers?

DJ Stormy: I would tell the young girls, the young women who are reading this, I’ll go back to the two things I always say, 1) no matter what you want to do, where you want to go or how you’re going to get there, always create something or be something by going against the grain. Don’t do something that everyone else is doing. Don’t mimic other things. We are all uniquely wired in very distinguished ways and we need to capitalize on why we are who we are and when we find that, we have to go against the grain. You have to do everything to not be like that next person. That’s how the Migos got their sound, that’s how Beyoncé got her career going. She did things not mimicking other people. That’s why Whitney Houston was Whitney Houston because she went against the grain and she did what she did. The second thing is being bold when you do those things. So, when you find out that you are passionate about something and you’re going against the grain, do it boldly! You are not a duplicate of anything on this planet. You are an original.

DJ Stormy Monroe is most definitely a force to be reckoned with in every facet of her professional life. From the DJ booth to the television screen, Stormy has proven that the best formula to ensure success is to simply stand in your authentic self and shine so bright that your light is hard to ignore. Shine on Queen! Shine on!

DJ Stormy is available for interviews, appearances, hosting/bookings.

For more information please contact Martie Bowser at admin@RoleModelPublicity.com

(704) 615-5815

For more info please visit www.StormyATL.com

Featured Artist Spotlight




Bianca "Beedy" Williams

Celebrity Nail Tech

"The name "Beedy" is nickname given by my aunts when I was a kid."

Written by Teriece Cherell, contributing writer.

@IamTeriececherell on Instagram

Emerging Trends in Nail Art

In a city known for its culture, great food, and world renowned music, a new emerging trend is on the horizon. 2019 has been termed the Year of the Woman, but in the fashion and nail industry, it is the Year of Beedy the Black Nail Tech!! Born and raised in New Orleans, Bianca “Beedy” Williams is no stranger to the hard work and hustle of our city. At a young age, she knew that she would be Great! Determined to be successful, she was a cosmetology student prior to Hurricane Katrina. She was in her second semester when she left New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina. She relocated with her daughters to Americus , GA where she was a well known new hairstylist & attended Georgia Southwestern college.

An educated, single mother of 2 at that time now a mother of 3, Bianca overcame the odds to become BETTER than her circumstances. Through hard work, dedication, faith in God and her abilities coupled with a strong sense of hustle understood by fellow New Orleanians, she worked her way to the top of the nail industry. One of the most sought after celebrity nail technicians, Beedy has made a name for herself and still continues to climb higher. Never one to shy away from hard work or responsibility, she encourages others to follow their dreams and never give up. She understands the value of hardwork and doing what is necessary to provide for your family.

QRTM: Professionally and personally, what is next for Blessed by Beedy?

Bianca: Professionally the sky isn’t even the limit. What I have wanted in the past for myself I’ve always received so much more than I expected. I definitely work by faith and not by sight. I allow God to place me where he sees fit and I believe in my talents. Personally and professionally I take the bitter with the sweet knowing everyone won’t be happy for me but that can’t stop me from being productive and providing a quality service with a humble spirit. I didn’t get this far by being mean to people. I prefer to give off positive energy and build relationships with those I come in contact with. Let’s be very clear I’m a counselor, nail technician & artist. You gotta love it!

Discovering Her Passion for Nail Art

Beedy was a hairstylist before she discovered her love for doing nails. Her journey is symbolical to the journey of life. She started out doing one thing and ending up doing something totally different. She loves to make her clients look and feel their best. She attempts to capture the emotions of her clients and put it in their nail designs. I have seen some great nail designs but nothing that compares to the Nails Blessed By Beedy! This queen has definitely not compromised her crown and shows no plans of slowing down soon. She is a great example of how pursuing your passion can lead to discovering your purpose in life. It is amazing when you can do what you love and love what you do. Her love for creating unparalleled nail art has opened doors and afforded opportunities that she never dreamed of for herself as well as others!! She has traveled state to state and her celebrity clientele has traveled to New Orleans to visit one of their favorite nail techs. She has blessed the nails of Missy Elliott, Solange Knowles, Fantasia Barrino, Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, Mona Scott Young, Faith Evans, SWV, and other high profile celebrities who make her one of their first stops when coming to the 504!! Her work was the first ever to be featured on the hit tv series CLAWS on TNT network. Beedy and one of her mentees (Danielle Farve) both had the opportunity to bring the nail art game front and center for Season 1.

QRTM: How do you remain humble and true to yourself/work in this industry?

Bianca: I just continue to learn all I can and remind myself of how far I’ve came. But I know there is so much further I can go. I am also sharing my knowledge with others who want to be in the same industry. It’s a blessing to be able to share my experiences with up & coming nail artist.

A Generous Spirit

The thing that I love most about Beedy is her authenticity and her generous spirit wherein she teaches young up-and-coming nail techs how to perfect their crafts. She offers one-on-one sessions to those interested in the art of creating nails. Her personality resembles that of the nails that she designs. With her hard work, dedication, sacrifices and love for what she creates, Beedy is living her absolute BEST life! Her work speaks volumes and whether you’re at your office, grocery shopping, out eating or just enjoying a walk in the mall with your nails blingin & shaped to perfection everyone recognizes that your nails were Blessed by Beedy!!

QRTM: Have you ever been in a position where your personal values and/or work ethic was compromised/could have been compromised?

Bianca: I believe I experienced that type of thing mostly when I worked for others. Being self employed allows me to be the boss & make decisions on when, what & how I do things. I determine if I will or won’t do something. Sometimes I may choose to compromise on things dealing with contract work or bookings with companies, but it’s by choice now and I’m not forced to do anything anymore.

Ready to Be Blessed?
Mrs Shakita Stewart Instagram @sjs_comprehensive_llc


Ways to Establish a Financial Future and Maintain Your Queendom

According to Time Magazine Online (2011, Aug. 6) as Americans there are 7 obstacles to financial success. They are as followed: Lack of Discipline, Materialism, Debt, Taxes, Inflation, Investment Mistakes, Emergencies.

Some of these items are out of our control, and some of them we have no clue how to avoid them from happening and causing so much chaos in our lives. With that being said, I want to address some of the ways that I am teaching individuals across this nation to completely change their financial portfolio without having to compromise themselves, their morals, or their integrity.


Let’s start with budgeting. Budgeting takes so much discipline, it is probably one of the hardest things to stick with, besides working out lol! But budgeting, in my opinion, it one of the most important things that can change our lives and build a better financial future. In the services that I offer to my clients, we have a full budgeting program that allows each person to create a personalized budget to track their income and spending. The budgeting report allows them to not only follow their progress each month, but also they can also make adjustments to the plan as needed. What I love about it the most is that it is super user friendly!! I am a product of the product and I can say, I am loving what it is doing for myself and my family. Entrepreneurship


Right next to budgeting, there is saving money. Whether you are a six-figure earner or a four-figure earner, if you are budgeting correctly, then saving money is definitely possible; however, it all goes back to the big “D” word…DISCIPLINE! As listed in Time Magazine Online (2011, Aug 6.), as Americans being able to save is very difficult when we are so busy being materialist or we are faced with things that are out of our control, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. What my program does is allow our clients to create a specific plan to reach a goal. It can be for a vacation, building an emergency fund, or even a college fund. With our savings goal plan, our clients set the goal then will receive weekly reminds to set aside a designated amount that will help them reach their goal!!!!


So, we have discussed budgeting and savings which are a necessity but one thing that I strongly believe is holding back from changing the trajectory of our financial portfolio is not creating multiple streams of income. Growing up, we were taught to go to school, get good grades, go to college, land the best job and climb the corporate latter until retirement. But what about entrepreneurship? What about creating multiple streams of income? I am loving that in 2019, our generation is leveling up and starting their own businesses. Whether it’s in clothing or selling products, services, and good, we are actually using our talents create something of our own. In the working world, we are faced with being under paid, taxes, and severe deductions, which literally leaves us living from paycheck to paycheck. Some of us are open to other opportunities but some of us are afraid to deviate from what is concerned “the norm” and as a result, we can’t build our kingdom and queendom how we want. Then there are the individuals who make a lot of money working at their job, but it comes with a cost…..lost of time. They have to spend so much time away from their families or from doing what they love, and as a result the quality of life is lost.

To break this cycle, we have to be opened minded and recognize that we are worth more than what some may think, and our financial future depends on us stepping up and stepping outside of our comfort zone. Trust me, I am a living witness of stepping out of my comfort zone, and it has been the best decide I could have made.

If you would like to learn more about budgeting, building a savings, or even how to build a business, schedule a free consultation with me at http://booking.appointy.com/sjscompservllc or visit my website at https://sjscomprehensiveservicesllc.info

Until next time!!

Shakita Stewart, MS

CEO and Founder

SJS Comprehensive Services

Where financial and mental health are the cornerstones to a healthy living.
Queen Under Construction
Summertime Fine Like Red Wine

Celebrate Each Others Successes, Connections Are Fueled By Energy, Bring Positive Energy. Love, and Positivity will conquer all.

Original Digital Artwork by Jondidesign

Featured Interview

Realtor Pamela Landers


Interview With Pamela Landers Realtor

QRTM : How are you doing today Ma'am?

Pamela Landers: I am, awesome how about yourself JONDI?

QRTM : I'm good. I'm good. I'm excited today it is a beautiful day. It was very beautiful. I'm excited about this issue coming up. Um, the theme of April issue is defining and definitions and defining, moments , overcoming stigma and pre perception. So as women we always been with some type of stapler, some type of pre perception about us that causes challenges, whether it's at home, in the workplace, um, socially. However, and I'm looking for women, to be real about how they have overcome these challenges and what defining moments may have been in place for them to recognize that they are overcoming these challenges. So our first question would be for you, how would you define yourself if we looked you up in the dictionary?

Pamela Landers: Uh, it was definitely a, Oh gosh, so many words just came across me. Um, maybe actually the first thing is God's child.

QRTM : If we looked you up in the dictionary, what else would it say?

Pam Landers: Pam Landers Educator Leader Entrepreneur , entrepreneur, innovator, nurturer, one more

Pam Landers: MMM.

Pamela Landers: Oh, And beautiful. Of course I got to put that in there. I would want people to see the God in me, as a personal goal that you have set for yourself. I mean it's an everyday goal. It's living his life for me. You know, I strive every day to focus on that because I knew everything else to fall in line after that. So, that's usually the first thing that I would want to do. And that's how I start my day is thanking God and you know, planning the day.

QRTM : Second question, what Stigmas and pre conceptions have you experienced as a woman?

Pamela Landers: well I guess in the real estate industry definitely. Um, women are seen as weak. I can kind of say as when I first got in the business, you know, as far as, um, you know, we’ll do you think that's it’s safe thing for you to do? and you know, you're going to be showing houses to different men? You're going to be alone? And I just feel that, you know, I didn't want anything to stop me. I just wanted to go, go for what I wanted to do. That's it. So yeah, that's what I wanted to do.

QRTM : Okay. So basically women are weak.

Pam Landers: Well that's how it was. Initially when I first got into the business, but as I, you know, grew and was able to speak with a lot of people and a lot of different women who had influence in real estate, especially I out in the market. Um, as a matter of fact, my first broker was a, a woman Donetta O’Neil, Donnette O’Neil Realtors she was based off of the Westbank , , she is Dr Donnette O’Neil now, she is in Atlanta know, and , um, she's doing awesome. So, um, I just really, you know, looked at her and, you know, role model in business. I was actually my first role model in business and, you know, did she just showed me different things and different ways on how I can handle myself in real estate well.

QRTM : So ... having her in your life was one of the defining moment that helped you overcome those stigmas and pre perceptions that you mentioned earlier? Or do you feel like there's another defining moment that you wanna share?

Pam Landers: definitely my mom had a lot of influence on me, you know, she taught me about life, you know, men as well. Um, just in that kind of took it on a business level that make it specifically to real estate. Um, there, like I said, other than that, just putting God first and letting God lead the way and um, you know, trusting him to protect me every time I go out. And, um, so I can do what I do best and that's educating , and let people know how to build wealth through home ownership. And I started educating, you know, 10 plus years ago. Um, I was a teacher in the classroom, so I just feel like now we sending me teaching, um, you know, kids in the classroom I’m teaching adults on how to build, wealth through homeownership.

QRTM : Oh, so how have the variable, (I know we talked a lot about your spiritual side) but I want to be clear on the variables, At play, being looked at as a woman , being looked at as weak and pretty much answered it, but would you just expound on how those variables, and how they have affected you personally and spiritually

Pam Landers: yeah,

Pamela Landers: I didn't let it affect me. I didn't let it affect me because I put my trust in God. So, you know, I guess I definitely had to elevate my spiritual level, you know, to put more trust in God and not try to think that, or to think anything negative as far as me going show houses to strangers.

QRTM : So would you say you had, you had to, uh, you had to build up your faith?

Pamela Landers: I guess that happened in the process, you know, that was in nothing that I really had to try to do, I guess to just came with it because I still decided to do it.

Pamela Landers: I wasn't gonna let anything stop me from doing what I wanted to do.

QRTM : So you're strong minded. You, once you made up your mind, you're a woman of determination, you’re a woman, of , persistence , yeah. So we can add that to your list in your dictionary . I'm very appreciative of it. Very persistent and determined as how, how else , if I , was right now talking to you about this and I was 16 years old talking to you about how can you get me to really focus on telling young women how persistence, determination, combined with faith , how important is that?

Pamela Landers: I was an educator for a number of years, you know, so I worked with a couple of kids after school and there I'm able to teach them, life skills , we do do some job readiness. I have three different classes that I teach over there as the Academic Director. I'm able to inspire your kids, you know, so they can find out what they' are, what they're determined to do. You know find that passion in them. So, you know, I may not say, okay, what's five plus five? That might not be our lesson, but our lesson may start off off like, okay, How was school today? What happened at schooled today? Who practiced, uh, teamwork or who practice self confidence today? Then the kids start talking about their day and then we figure out how they can handle different situations such as bullying. You know, like what happens if someone tries to bully you out of your chair. You know, kids are still going through that nowadays. Bullying is real. And you know, I remember when I was in school, uh, in junior high school, there was a young boy who killed him self. I mean, he was bullied every day. And I remember seeing him being bullied every day. And then the whole school was sad after that. But I mean, and that was a long time ago. So it's real. And that's that, that that was the first case that I witness and it wasn't the last.

QRTM: How would you to hone in on being persistent combined with faith?, and having determination?

Pamela Landers: First we need to find their purpose because we need to find out what are their, what is their determination, what are they determine what it is they want to do so, You've got to kind of dig deep. And usually at that age, sometimes they may not know what they want to do, you know, or you know, it may be like, oh, I want to dance, I want to play football. So they definitely have to broaden their experiences throughout. you know throughout their communities so they can see if the interested in different things. And a lot of our kids, you know, don't have that privilege, but over at this program, that's where, you know, we go to the New Orleans Museum of Art over at City Park. Um, they're even able to go to the Universities, Loyola University, and they're able to do a lab experiment, with the college students. So, you know, they're learning different things. They have African dance. Some of the girls are doing African dance and my son in particular, he does the African drums. So he's doing real well over there. But I mean it's a good experience for them, you know, for, for the kids to have that.

QRTM: Did you get a chance to have those type of opportunities growing up?

Pamela Landers: I'm not going to say I don't know if the opportunities were there, because I don't want to just, you know, just say that I had my own experiences. Um, but as far as these types of experiences that the kids have today, no, I didn't

QRTM: One more question , and we going to stop? How many mentors have you, had, that look like you?

Pamela Landers: I'll say first my mom, my dad

QRTM: Any outside of your relatives?

Pamela Landers: Educated black women and black men.

QRTM: I think you so much for your time and your patience. This is for issue number three. Which will be released on May 30 2019. tell everybody to subscribe so they can see what you're about and how you are part of Queen Rising the Movement. You are a queen.

The Queen’s Selection Artwork

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