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Population,34,207,000 Country,Canada Continent,North America Capital,ottawa Longitude,french/English


Did you know that scientests think that Niagra Falls is going to be gone in 50,000 years. Canada is a famous place for winter sports. In Canada you also can learn about Bronko Nagurski

Niagara Falls is a famous place in Canada. Niagrara Falls is located in Canada, but it is also in New York. Scientist think and have studied that in 50,000 years Niagara Falls is going to be gone. In 2012 Nik Wallanda was the first porson to cross Niagara Falls on a tite rope in a 116 years! Another fact about Niagara falls is that the largest vertical drop is over 165 feet If you are still wondring how it was made well it was made a 1,000 years ago from a glacier Also about 30 million people a year. Niagara Falls is a cool place to go to.

Bronko Nagurski was a really good football player from Canada he was born on November 3rd 1908 and died January 7th 1998 who's the famous he was famous for playing football because he played for a long time he also is in the Hall of Fame people said he was legendary for football 1930 Major Street in the Chicago Bears and the NFL and he played fullback and used his skills to help the Bears win the Championships in 1932 and 1933 he retired and 19/37 of his salary dispute. Also make sure she was a wrestler Bears management and not allowed him to do Russell professionally even though they paid him better but she continued to wrestle 1942 and 1943 he returned to the Chicago Bears because they needed more players major ski help them the Bears win the Championships That season when he returned to wrestling and he retired from wrestling in 1969 Jersey was and became part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963 New Jersey was an awesome football player you should go and learn about him.


The mini town city in other places people celebrate Canada's game. You can read it it's also cut daimond on July 1st 1867 this day will include pancakes sausage and bacon breakfast other Foods throughout the day parades and fireworks this day is like the 4th of the 4th of July in America when this event is happening they will paint their faces white and red supporting their country and also like their colors on their flag this is a day that is very fun for kids

Now you know how many things you can learn in Canada if you ever go to Canada if you can do things like snowboarder any winter sports now you should try to go to Canada and its for all that you just learned celebrate the holidays traditions and sports.


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