Revolutionary News By Toby Madakor

What happens when you give a cowardly king the money of the state? Well you go..

Where did all the French's money go?

The king and the first and second estate kept the money to themselves to buy wealth clothes, throw parties, and other expensive things.

Why is this so important?

This is important because it's the only reason why the French end up with so much debt. Since the cash was spent selfishly by greedy people, the poor people, or the third estate, had nothin to eat but whatever they harvest. This is the only reason that the French becomes so poor in the end.

Autum of 1766: Life in Hell

Some time in September, hell began. The angel of death, in the form of Robespierre Maximum. For proclaiming the feeling of peace and freedom to all, then doing as he said with the message of fear. Every where he looked, heads rolled. Literally. Within the 9 month period, 15,000-50,000 trusted allies and French citizens lost their lives to the guillotone

Robespierre Maximum's severed head marked the end of a horrific kill streak

Soon everyone started to ignore equality and focus more on peace. So the people of France banned together and overthrow Maximum, forcing him to meet the same fate as the victims before him

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