Campus Life A taste of living on campus at indiana university

Laying in her bed at Spruce Hall, Melanie Gubernik plays on her phone. Gubernik scrolled through her social media before the day's classes began. Photo by Abby Prywitch.
Luke Bisesi sits on the couch while working on an assignment from his class. Bisesi was joined by 2 other peers. Photo by Abby Prywitch.
HSJI participants sit and listen to directions before playing the game mafia. Counselor Alex Hardgrave planned game night for the students. Photo by Abby Prywitch.
The mafia chooses who he wants to “kill” in the game for this round. Game night took place in Spruce Hall. Photo by Abby Prywitch.
Two students are joking around during the first round of the game mafia. HSJI students played multiple rounds of Mafia in a classroom. Photo by Abby Prywitch.
Mateo Escobedo sits at a table in the lobby of Spruce Hall writing for his assignment. Escobedo transferred what he already typed on his phone to paper. Photo by Abby Prywitch.
Sitting on the couch advisor Nol Beckley, Kelsi Hott and Sara Nelson are collaborating on ideas for their schools publication. Photo by Abby Prywitch.
Working on planning the schools yearbook, Graham Rusellink sits on the floor with a planner in front of her. Four students along with advisor Nol Beckley sat in the lobby of Spruce Hall to go over plans. Photo by Abby Prywitch.
At the library the student worker checks in books. The Herman B Wells Library is located on the Bloomington campus. Photo by Abby Prywitch.
Two girls sit with their feet in the water while having a conversation at Showalter fountain. The fountain is located near the Indiana University theatre. Photo by Abby Prywitch.

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