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The San Diego Zoo should save the Orangutans because they do not cost very much to conserve, they are a keystone species, and they interact pretty well with others.

  • They are a keystone species for their habitat.
  • They interact well with other species in their environment.
  • They do not cost very much money to conserve.
Habitat/Population of Flamingos in The San Diego Zoo


Animal not being saved: The Flamingo is the animal that should not be saved.

Reason why (constraints): The Flamingos are stable and the rest of the animal we were assigned are endangered, so we knew that we were definitely not saving the Flamingos. The Flamingos have no immediate threat of becoming even remotely endangered and their numbers are plentiful both in captivity and in the wild.

Ecological functions

(topic sentence):

They are important to their habitat and the species all around them.

Evidence #1:

"Orangutans are the largest arboreal (tree dwelling) animals."

1. Analysis of evidence A: They eat fruit and disperse seeds which are behaviors that are of ecological significance. Which help shape and preserve the tropical rain forests.

Evidence #2:

"Orangutans are a keystone species."

1. Analysis of evidence A: As Orangutans disappear then thousands of other animals and plant species in fragile tropical rain forest habitats start to disappear too.

2. Analysis of evidence B: Therefore, by saving Orangutans and their habitats, you save the other species that live with them.

Conclusion:Therefore, we need orangutans in order for the species that co-exist with the orangutans to survive.

Additional biological, medical, social, etc., appeals

(topic sentence):

Orangutans are very similar to humans genetically and Zoos will benefit from the conservation of the Orangutans as well.

B. Evidence #1:

Orangutans are the closest living relatives to the humans, not chimpanzees.

1. Analysis of evidence A: Seeing as the Orangutans share common ancestors with us humans we can look back through time and see how evolution separated out species.

2. Analysis of evidence B: They can help advance medical studies concerning monkeys and humans.

C. Evidence #2:

Orangutans are good for Zoo profits.

1. Analysis of Evidence A: Orangutans are a very beautiful creature and attract masses of tourists at Zoos.

2. Analysis of Evidence B: From the great attraction of Orangutans to Zoos, the ticket sales for all of the people you come see them will increase the profits of Zoos.


With the help of Orangutans, medical advances and zoo projects will advance and increase if Orangutans are conserved.

Cost to conserve/resources required by the species

Habitat of the Orangutans

(topic sentence):

Orangutans have a cost for their support as well.

B. Evidence #1:

"Since apes been in captivity for 50 years it takes $20,000 a year, they take a huge responsibility.

1. Analysis of evidence A: Taking care of an orangutan is not very much money.

2. Analysis of evidence B: Since it is not that much money to support an Orangutan, we should use all that money and support them in a better and stronger way.

C. Evidence #2:

"Original owners rarely do their share of the burden costs.

1. Analysis of evidence A: Often owners do take the responsibilities for the apes (orangutans).

2. Analysis of evidence B: Often Orangutans are getting bought but, owners are going overhead with them.

D. Conclusion:

Orangutans don't cost very much to conserve or support them. Since there are a lower population of orangutans we should help them even more and help the orangutans to feel safe with us and in their habitat as well.


Interacting with others

A. Re-stated main thesis:

As told the San Diego Zoo should conserve the Orangutans for they are not very costly to habitate, it is a very important species in an ecosystem (keystone species), and they are very social mammals and interact well with other species.

B. Review of key points:

  • Orangutans are a keystone species.
  • as the Orangutans start to disappear, the other animals and plants around them start to disappear as well.
  • Conversely, by saving Orangutans and their habitats, we save the species that exist in the same habitat as them.
  • The Orangutans interact well with other species as well as humans.

C. Call to action:

The Orangutan is a magnificent creature, they should be saved. Do your part and go to a zoo near you and educate yourselves on what you can do to help them. The expansion of palm oil plantations threaten the lives of thousands of Orangutans, do them a favor and buy Palm oil free products.


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