MLK By: elijah schneider

life for Martin Luther King Jr was difficult he had an older sister and a younger brother. He was born in a house at 501 Auburn avenue, N.E, Atlanta. Later on his father would co-found the Georgia equal rights league and the Atlanta NAACP for Blacks.

MLK´s family

Back then transportation was difficult for blacks because if there was no more room for a white and there was a black the black had to move and get off the bus. So Martin Luther king Jr. lends people his car so they don have to deal with all the segregation on the buses. Then one day Rosa Parks refuses to get up from here seat in the bus and she get beat up by whites. Martin told everyone to boycott the transportation station.

After a while of Boycotting the transportation he started to lead marches and said a lot of speeches for black rights. During these marches there where mobs of white killing blacks and then police come and pick up the black people. But Martin and funds to bail the people out. His famous march is the march on Washington where he had more than 150,000 people come to watch him give his speech. during his speech someone said "tell them about your dream."

March on washington

After his speech and the march President Kennedy invited MLK to help set up the equal rights for all blacks. After they did that they shook hands and blacks had equal rights.His dream came true for all blacks had equal rights

After they wrote the equal rights some whites didn't hire any blacks into their jobs so Martin Luther King went on marches to help get blacks jobs to have a same life as the whites. during one of his marches for jobs he was shot and died. 4 years later blacks finally got to get job from white jobs.


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