March 2021 members newsletter


All members are aware of the background. Damien and Loraine Murphy, elected Captains for 2020, were deprived of the fruits of office by the pandemic and, quite sensibly, re-elected for 2021 in the hope that the virus would be under closer control and they able to organise all the events enthusiastically planned but never executed. March fittingly saw a lovely change of direction, embracing as it did, St. Patrick’s Day, and the Murphy’s being Irish. Not forgetting Peter and Kate Bradley, patiently waiting Vice Captains, who boast the same country of birth. Apologies in advance therefore. This month’s theme will be pre-dominantly green, and is kick started by Loraine:

“We're all a little Irish on St. Patrick's Day. From shamrocks to snakes, Guinness to the Blarney Stone. Shamrocks have been associated with St. Patrick's Day since the very first time the holiday was celebrated. But why do we associate them with a celebration of Irish culture? And while you may know that the holiday has something to do with Ireland, shamrocks, or leprechauns, did you know that St. Patrick actually was a real person?

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and is also the country's national apostle. But as it turns out, his name wasn't originally Patrick. His name was Maewyn Succat and he changed his name to Patricius, or Patrick, which derives from the Latin term for "father figure," when he became a priest. He was born in Britain around the year 400 and captured by Irish soldiers as a teen. He was transported and held in Ireland as a servant until he was able to escape several years later. But after he managed to get back to Britain and studied to become a priest, he felt a calling to go back to the place he'd been held hostage and teach the Irish about Christianity. According to legend, Saint Patrick used a shamrock to explain about God. The shamrock, which looks like clover, has three leaves on each stem. Saint Patrick told the people that the shamrock was like the idea of the Trinity, that in the one God there are three divine beings: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The shamrock was sacred to the Druids, so Saint Patrick's use of it in explaining the trinity was very wise.

Another tale about Patrick is that he drove the snakes from Ireland. Different versions of the story tell of him standing upon a hill, using a wooden staff to drive the serpents into the sea, banishing them forever from Ireland. One version says that an old serpent resisted banishment, but that Patrick outwitted him. Patrick made a box and invited the snake to enter. The snake insisted it was too small and the two argued. Finally to prove his point, the snake entered the box to show how tight the fit was. Patrick slammed the lid closed and threw the box into the sea. Since snakes often represent evil in literature, when St. Patrick drives the snakes out of Ireland, it is symbolically saying he drove the old, evil, pagan ways out of Ireland and brought in a new age.

Guinness is good for you!

We know. Technically it's not a food. But a pint of creamy, dark-coloured Guinness contains B vitamins, iron, antioxidants and other nutritional goodness. It’s also surprisingly low in calories. Basically, it’s a health drink.“


“Mae fy ymddiheuriadau eisoes wedi mynd at aelodau craidd-caled Cymru, ond i unrhyw rai eraill a welodd fy nghamgymeriad tudalen olaf o rhifyn mis Chwefror, cyn i Dorothée chwifio ei ffon hud a’i chywiro, camgymeriad fi fy hun yn unig ydoedd. Sori pe bai’n cyffwrdd ag ychydig o nerfau.”

Which, for the benefit of the few who may not be familiar with the Welsh language, translates as follows:

"My apologies have already gone to the hard core Welsh members but for any others who saw my last page error in the February issue before Dorothée waved her magic wand and corrected it, the mistake was mine alone. Sorry if it touched a few nerves."

And thank you Judi for the translation!


Golf starved UK players would have been out in their thousands on Tuesday 2nd, happy to be dry let alone warm-ish. Our boys and girls didn’t hesitate either. The turn out was good, as were some of the scores. None more so than that of Flavio Papa Quesada, again, who romped home with a 38, top place on the leaderboard, a cut to 12.1, and the knowledge that an old archive photo will have to serve his cause, again.

Brendan Walsh 37, Adrian Reading 36, and Damien Murphy 33, qualified for current picture taking if they present themselves next weekend.

Only Adrian managed it.

Damien was otherwise engaged making the announcements.

Biggest cut of the day was earned by Pauline Hilliard’s 37 point first place, with Lilly Lagerwerf 35, Liisa Lindstrom 34, and Isabella Rippinger 33 trailing in behind her.

Alone she stands, but proud and clutching her reward.


A day early, a diminished field, early morning rain having frightened off a handful, prospects far from bright and cheerful, Campo America again, and buggies limited to the paths. Plus a return to the familiar 0930 shotgun start. Despite the mental adversity the predictable winners romped home with a majestic score of 105 points, duly celebrated with copious beers.

1st 105 points l/r Adrian Reading, Mike Fisher, Barry Curran, Ed de Kloe.

Second and third places were separated only on handicap but quite a way back.

2nd 97 points Jing Kruppa, Libby Robinson, Pauline Hilliard (3 ball only).
3rd 97 points l/r Keith Luxon, Peter Edstrom. Pat Reid, Vic Hilliard.

Damien and Loraine had to wait ages for at least one score card to be checked, substantially corrected to embrace what should have been the players’ handicaps, only to find it all amounted to a total of no consequence!

The word “woke” was never heard but the Murphy’s did their best to recognise the significance of IWD with a series of one line jokes batted back and forth. They were also thoughtful enough to give all the ladies a little “souvenir” to mark the occasion.

Little was made of the fact that the average ladies’ team score was rather higher than that of the men thus winning the “match” between their four teams and the five others. This result was announced almost as an afterthought and certainly earned no applause from the losers.

Nor was it made clear at the time that the slogan for March 8th’s true IWD was “Choose to Challenge” which, for our competition, translated into “need for accuracy” and, in turn, “nearest the pin!“. Those observing this need and justifying their bottle of wine included Peter Bradley, Vic and Pauline Hilliard, and Monique Peters, to each of whom the rewards were personally delivered by Loraine.


Who? Being honest Scribbler hadn’t heard of the lady either but information these days is only a click away, and not to have included some mention of International Womens’ Day might have led to some knuckle rapping. The Russian woman is credited with being the founder of a movement which has grown enormously since 1910. Originally it was celebrated on February 23rd in the days of the Julian calendar. When the Gregorian version took over it became March 8th where it has remained ever since. There is still a long journey ahead for the world’s women, and they are fully aware of this. This year’s theme is “Women in leadership. Achieving an equal future in a Covid 19 world.”


History was in the making as players assembled on Campo Europa, Tuesday 9/3 for the monthly medal, but with a difference. As of now, and irrespective of age or handicap, members can choose which tee they fancy playing off. Not forever but for the particular day. At close of play they must alter their SignUp setting back. If need be.

It is not known what Jill Davies chose but whatever it was did her no harm, as a winning score of 74 nett confirmed. Corinna Dawkins, clearly reluctant to move out of the spotlight just yet, edged Isabella Rippinger out of second place on handicap, both on 76.

L/r: Isabella Rippinger, Jill Davies, Corinna Dawkins.

Another enjoying a spell of centre stage performances was Brendan Walsh with 72, but stepping forward into his shadow came Hugo Verheyen with 73 whose handicap bettered that of Peter Bradley to earn him second position – just!

L/r: Hugo Verheyen, Peter Bradley, Richard Hinds (became 4th). Brendan Walsh absent.



Robert Mitchell, our Director of Golf, bid 40 players a bi-lingual welcome to this Open competition on the 14th. The conditions could hardly have been kinder. Dry, sunny, and a soft breeze all adding up to America at its friendliest. Everyone was given a suitably worded Guinness hat but, it was reported, few wore them when playing!

Adrian Reading is enjoying a remarkable run of form which has been delighting his Number One fan, Geoff Thompson, greatly. To the extent that Geoff has introduced a new adjective into his weekly RollUp reports when referring to Adrian. Today one might have thought 44 points enough to take home some silverware, and so it proved, but only by a whisker. Adrian and wife Barbara eased out Barry Curran (Irish) and Monique Peters by the narrowest of handicap margins

Other members doing well were James Reid & Sonya Foster, 4th on 41, and Peter Robinson & Phillip Browne 5th with the same total.

Additional mention might be made of Phillip who began his round on the 16th hole which Scribbler happened to be watching. The ball finally stopped a few millimetres from a hole-in-one!! What a way to start? Needless to say it remained in pole position to the very prize winning end.

One must question the lunch menu claim that the main course was typically Irish but the fact is everyone enjoyed the meal, whilst the Guinness pump was seldom idle. Robert rounded off the proceedings by presenting the prizes before everyone, or most, made their way home. A successful day for the Resort but a pity that support from members was somewhat less than usual. Partly due to virus fears perhaps, but also the proximity of the BIG EVENT just two days later.


Past Lady Captain Monique Peters took over from James Reid two years ago as organiser of our team in the Mixed Summer Interclub competition. Not too much of her time was required last season when Covid saw all the individual matches cancelled. Instead there was just the one big jolly, here at La Cala which, from all accounts, was a successfully enjoyable occasion. As things stand 2021 will paint a different picture.

Taken last season.

A return to the traditional schedule is planned. Six clubs will participate and each will host one of the six fixtures. Teams are mixed and not chosen on ability, at least not here. Availability and sociability play their part. Members interested in playing should feed their details to Monique at - artempeters@icloud.com -

Have a word with those who have played before and you will quickly recognise that these are fun days on good courses and midst players of a similar ilk. At 45 euros per person per match they are also good value for money days.


Our ladies are renowned for being keen party goers, colourfully attired and in the right mood from the starter’s whistle. Nor is there ever a shortage of photographic evidence. However, the RollUp brigade, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day no less, failed on both accounts. It is known that they played a Soft Bramble on America with two leprechauns per player per round. (Makes a change from mulligan’s?). The other rules-of-the-day were intriguing but who won what remains a mystery at time of key tapping. Except, that is, for Barbara Reading, who went home weighed down with 23 new golf balls, her reward for being the only player with a 2 on their card. Match that Adrian!


Twenty fours ahead of THE day Damien and Loraine finally got to launch a new annual trophy they have been kind enough to sponsor. It has been sitting on a shelf for a year waiting to be introduced and could not have chosen a nicer day on which to make its debut.

The format was a Qualifying Stableford Competition with Nearest-the-Pin prizes on America’s 4th 8th 11th and 16th. These prizes would go to the few, of course, but everyone was a prize winner on the 10th tee where a refreshment stand was generously stocked with a menu to satisfy all tastes.

There are few more popular lady members than Liisa Lindstrom so the announcement of her name, and winning score of 38 points, was very well received by the assembly after play.

Ursula Wetzel and Sonya Foster each registered 37 to finish 2nd and 3rd respectively.

For the Wetzel’s it was to be a so-near-and-yet-so-far day because husband Manfred’s 37 saw him edged out of first place by the Xxxxxx Reading who had the same score but better handicap. James Reid was 3rd with 36.


The organisers came to rue their choice of title for the ultimate winners of this “match”, a description emphasised from the platform more than once together with strong hints that draws are not acceptable. Ten mini-teams of two did individual battle but it was the grand totals that mattered. Time for red faces as the Also Rans were declared winners by 402 points to 381.

Just for the record books the top scorers were:

Twice Lady Captain Susanne Valentin received the trophy on behalf of the Also Rans!!

Green turned to deep emerald later when Ireland beat England 32-18 in the rugby international. The Murphy’s will look back on March 2021 with deserved pleasure.


Nothing particularly Irish about Tuesday 23rd on America, although Loraine managed a decent score after a rather demanding week. Jing and her “dodgy” elbow stole the limelight for her sun glasses, come prize giving time, whilst Corinna hangs on in there with another impressive showing. Details were:

L/r: Corinna, Jing, Loraine.

Sietse Gerrits is a relatively new owner/member whom it is hoped to “introduce” in more detail shortly. Getting cut 3.5 is a considerable achievement and will make life more challenging in future. The wine or voucher will be passing memories but nonetheless enjoyable. 44 points is more than satisfying!

The runner up’s name is very familiar and there is little doubt that Flavio has benefitted from the Covid situation, in golfing terms only. Making good use of the time available to improve his game. Now on 11.8 when, just a few months back, he was probably 18-ish. Well done, young man.

A belated reward for Keith Luxon.


All the Thursday RollUp ladies were treated to pizza, drinks and chocolate cakes on March 25th when Anne Marie van Anderlecht announced to all that it was a special landmark in her life and invited everyone to celebrate the occasion with her. Hesitation was not apparent. It was a beautiful Spring day and with tables loved out on to the sunny terrace it didn’t take long before the giggles and laughs took over and everyone had a great afternoon.

The happy mood was helped by the announcement that the bar opening hours, from Tuesday March 30th onwards, and on member competition days, will be extended from 18.00 to 19.00 hours. The kitchen will close at 17.30. Small step by small step normality is returning.


Being unable to get into or out of bed without considerable discomfort, if not pain, it has been a week of armchair sleeping, interrupted by frequent, unwelcome, but necessary loo calls. Necessary if misshapen legs are ever to return to normality, the in word of the moment. The plus side is that many beautiful dawns have been seen, starting my little piece of the world on a welcome footing. Later the golfers have appeared adding another shade of green to this month’s newsletter, the green of envy, of which one will never tire. Having to miss my camera duties again didn’t brighten my mood either.

Once was when a real shotgun started the competitions, but no longer. Come 09.30 and doubtless the eager beavers in some of the groups had already unleashed their opening drive on Europa, Saturday 27/3. Only three of forty four players were off less than ten handicap, Karin Luxon leading this mini pack. She was not to appear on the rostron this week though.

Leading that group of wine/voucher seekers came:

1st 128.3 points l/r Barry Curran, Loraine Murphy, Kate Bradley, James Reid.
2nd 129.09 points l/r Peter Bradley, Jill Davies, Pat Reid, Roy Davies.
3rd 129.45 points l/r Sten Valentin, Susanne Valentin, Keith Luxon, Jan Debrauwer.
4th 129.50 points l/r Jing Kruppa, Michael Kruppa, Barbara Reading (missing Peter Marler).


It's lovely having a supporter, contributor with the enthusiasm of Loraine but she is also a great one for leaving things to the eleventh hour. Because there are Easter holidays starting tomorrow, and personal commitments for Dorothée starting in 50 minutes time, our plan was to go on line this afternoon/evening before José finishes work. What follows therefore is mostly down to Loraine but some bits have been deleted because they duplicate other earlier remarks. It's interesting stuff from our Lady Captain though, so thanks Loraine.

"There could not have been a closer result on Saturday 27th March .. luckily the handicaps had been worked out to 2 decimal points and as you can see from the final results above .. it was needed !

The 2 ball scramble is a fun format and as there were no minimum number of drives required it made for a relaxing day ( for most of the participants anyway !).

The final Stableford competition of the month allowed each member to choose their tee colour - this was first allowed at last months Medal and only 3 players decided to take up the option. This month a number of members, including four lower handicap men, decided to move from Yellow to Blue tees. This meant that Chris Slattery (Hcp 5.5) played off scratch, Adrian Reading (Hcp 8.9) played off 3 and Richard Ledgard (Hcp 9.5) played off 4 with Sietse Gerrits ( New Hcp 16.6 having been cut -3.5 last week following his winning score off the Yellow tees of 44 points) playing off 11 !

However although they played well they couldn’t manage a top place finish with Vice Captain Peter Bradley taking the honours with a great score of 41 points and earning himself a cut of -0.5 (and having two x 2s on the way !)

Derek Steele could quite easily have thought he would be in top place with his 39 points .. however he did earn a -0.7 cut for his trouble

Not to be outdone 2019 Lady Captain Monique Peters lead the field with 39 points just pipping Corinna Dawkins (pending Hcp adjustment from her home club) who posted a great 38 points playing from the Blue tee!

Jing Kruppa is now playing off 19.6 after another steady performance and another -0.6 cut !

We give a “Welcome Back” shout out to Thomas & Helena Widegren and our Handicap Secretary David Wilson and wife Marie who are now both “Corona” proof having received both Covid vaccinations and obviously a negative Covid test before their return flight !

We shall be announcing a date in April when David will host a presentation and Q&A session on WHS ! Keep a look out for the sign up sheet on the member system.


“Summer Rules” come into effect for all member competitions from Sunday 4th April. This means you cannot move your ball and you must play your ball “as it lies”.


All dates for May are now open for sign up on the member system. Please note there are a number of Trophy Events so we hope our overseas members will be able to travel and be here in La Cala from at least 20th May to take part.

We would also like to draw your attention to the date for our Cudeca Day - Sunday 6th June. Our Treasurer Caz Rosselli will be sending out an email in the next week advising of the sponsorship options and we thank all members in advance for their generosity (as always). The committee helpers will be out and about with raffle tickets from the Easter weekend so be kind and buy as many as you can.. don’t worry, if you are not here we can still organise your tickets and will keep your winning prize for you! Thank you.

For those following the Stableford League these are the Top Ten standings as of 31st March:"


An idea is a curious thing. It will not work unless you do.